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Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton may have confirmed their relationship with each other

Minaj recently hinted at a new boy and it looks like it is now confirmed!

by Asfa

Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton may have just confirmed their relationship with a cozy picture posted on their social media.

Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton

Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton have confirmed their relationship status. (Image source: Instagram/Nicki Minaj)

The rapper and race car driver have been rumored to be together ever since they attended an event at the New York Fashion Week together last week. The supposed couple have not been overly flirtatious or comfortable around each other in public, but they have consistently been liking each other’s pictures on Instagram.

The two then took their relationship to the next level by posting pictures while racing around the deserts of Dubai. Nicki sat behind Hamilton and cuddled close to him. She captioned the photo, “Caribbean tingz what I on. Me & Lewis gettin paper like what ink dry on.” Hamilton posted a photo from the same day, captioning it “RiderSTTGD.”

Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton

Both posted pictures of their hangout in the desert. (Image source: Instagram/Lewis Hamilton)

While neither of them wrote anything to suggest that they are dating each other, Minaj did reveal in a recent appearance on The Ellen Show that she was seeing not one, but two new men. She said, “There’s a new boy but he and I have kinda like [fallen] back a little bit and then there’s like a newer [boy].

Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton

Minaj recently revealed on Ellen that she is dating someone new. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

She further explained, “He’s been around for a couple of weeks now. But I don’t have a boy. But I’m just chilling. I’ve always been in a relationship my whole life. I’ve been in a relationship since I was 15 years old. This is the first time that I’m single, and I’m happier, I’m free. I used to feel like I had to have a man. My whole adult life, I used to feel like I had to have a man. I want every woman to know, you absolutely don’t.

If Hamilton is who Minaj was referring to at the time, it seems she is ready to move on with the relationship.

Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton

At the time, she said she was not ready to make it serious. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

Minaj recently dropped her new album, Queen.

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