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Just Fashion Now (UK)

Mia Khalifa’s boyfriend Robert Sandberg gave her a makeover using his makeup ‘skills’ and the results are CRAZY

The couple have their own YouTube channel

by Asfa Shakeel

Mia Khalifa and Robert Sandberg sat down for him to do her makeup, and the result and process was nothing short of a catastrophe. 

Just Fashion Now (UK)
Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa’s boyfriend did her makeup. (Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

Khalifa has been with Sandberg for a while now, and the Copenhagen-based chef will be moving to the United States to live with the sportscaster soon. While she was visiting him in his country, the two sat down to film a video for their joint YouTube channel, Robert and Mia. In the video, he did her makeup using her tools and products.

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Mia Khalifa

He used all of Khalifa’s best makeup. (Image source: YouTube/Robert and Mia)

He asked her when she sat down, “What’s your purpose here on Salon Robbie. You wanna look sl**ty? Like a ho**er? Or do you wanna look pretty? What’s your purpose?”

Looking uncomfortable at his jokes, the former porn-star said, “Make me look like if you saw me at a bar, you would ask me out on a date.”

Mia Khalifa

Sandberg asked Khalifa some uncomfortable questions. (Image source: YouTube/Robert and Mia)

To achieve that, Sandberg started with putting a $48 Dior highlighter all over her face as foundation. Looking miserable at the waste of her product, Khalifa said, “I’m sending him an invoice for every gram that’s used.”

Just Fashion Now (UK)
Mia Khalifa

He then put highlighter all over her face. (Image source: YouTube/Robert and Mia)

The chef then took out a Bobbi Brown lipstick and smeared it all over Khalifa’s face. She challenged him, saying, “You have to have s*x with me like this, you know that right?”

She got distracted when Sandberg closed the lipstick over the extended stick… Ouch!

Mia Khalifa

He ruined her expensive lipstick. (Image source: YouTube/Robert and Mia)

Rifling through the ‘boring stuff’ that is Mia’s makeup, Robert made subtle digs like:

“All of this looks the same” and “I mean, how hard can it be to be a makeup artist?”

Looking at the camera with green eyeshadow, a stark black line under her eyes and smeared lipstick, the sports commentator said, “This is the worst decision I’ve ever made.”

At the end of doing her makeup, Sandberg asked Khalifa, “Do you have anything I can erase with?” to which she sarcastically replied back, “Erase? This isn’t MS Paint!”

Just Fashion Now (UK)
Mia Khalifa

At the end of the look, Sandberg asked Khalifa for an eraser. (Image source: YouTube/Robert and Mia)

Surveying the complete look, Khalifa tried to keep her boyfriend’s esteem up by saying, “I can see what you wanted to do, you just didn’t have the skill set to do it so I’m a little impressed, I’m not going to lie.”

She also posted about the fiasco on Instagram, writing:

“I let this wildly talented man do my makeup, and quickly found out his forte is [with] a knife, not a brush.” She added, “I love you, @robertsandberg but you are awful.”

Mia Khalifa

(Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

Sandberg is a chef at Kong hans Kaeller.

Watch the full video on Mia Khalifa and Robert Sandberg’s YouTube channel below:

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