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Mia Khalifa talks hijab scene and the backlash she faced due to it in FIRST ever candid interview

by Hermeen Shahid

Mia Khalifa talks hijab scene and the backlash from it. ISIS actually sent her a picture of her beheaded body and put her address up online.

Mia Khalifa
(Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

Sports commentator Mia Khalifa sat down with host Megan Abbott to talk about her story. The YouTube interview titled, Mia Khalifa Tells Her Story for the First Time, has more than 50,000 views.

Khalifa opened up about work in the adult film industry and the backlash she faced from the hijab scene.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

Mia Khalifa talks infamous hijab scene

The 26-year-old revealed that working in porn initially made her feel “validated” and “pretty.” However, after she shot a scene wearing a hijab, a veil worn by Muslim women, she suffered backlash that scared her for her life..

ISIS started sending death threats to Khalifa and the scene became global news. It was covered by huge media outlets according to Khalifa, including “CNN, Fox, Newsweek did a huge profile, and also USA Today.”

mia khalifa
(Image Source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

It also started trending on Twitter. This led to the former adult actress being banned from some Muslim countries including Egypt and Afghanistan.

When the hijab scene was proposed to her she is catholic, she told the producers, “You motherf****rs are gonna get me killed.” However, she said it very “tongue-in-cheek”. Mia knew the scene would be controversial, but she did not expect it blow up as it did.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

After the scene went viral, her Instagram followers increased from 400 to 2 million in a span of 6 months. Her social media account was also hacked by ISIS after she received death threats.

Her friends from back home found out about her videos and the “shame started to set in,” Khalifa revealed. Furthermore, she felt that the hijab scene would be her last one since she felt a “fear of things starting to change.”

Mia Khalifa
(Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

ISIS death threats

Host Megan Abbott asked her how ISIS sent her death threats. To which Mia replied, “They photoshopped a picture of me on a beheaded body, holding like my head that was photoshopped on there. Saying you’ll be next, you Muslim disgrace.”

The sportscaster jokingly said, “I’m Catholic dude. I go to Ash Wednesday.” Furthermore, she responded to the threat, “Better my head than my tits, they were expensive.”

Things worsened after a Google Maps image of her apartment went viral on Twitter and “utter fear set in”. Mia revealed that this was “scarier than the photo” and that she had to stay in a hotel for an entire week.

(Image Source: Instagram)

Khalifa also talked to the host about the effect of 9/11 on her school years.

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