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Mia Khalifa talks about how she feared a relationship due to her past

by Hermeen Shahid

Mia Khalifa talks fearing a relationship after her past in her first candid interview  Mia Khalifa Tells Her Story for the First Time.

mia khalifa talks fearing
(Image Source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

Sports commentator Mia Khalifa sat down with host Megan Abbott to talk about her story. The YouTube interview, titled, Mia Khalifa Tells Her Story for the First Time, already has more than 50,000 views.

Khalifa opened up about her relationships after her work in the adult film industry.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

Past relationships

She revealed to Abbott that she was in a relationship after her work in the adult industry. But she relied on him for her happiness and validation which was unhealthy. This led her to go to therapy with Megan Abbott’s fiance, Joseph.

She further revealed that in a relationship she “over gives her time” and her attention. However, after putting so much in, she felt she was not getting anything back.

(Image Source: Instagram)

Mia Khalifa also talked about her fear of relationships and felt she had a lot of baggage from her past.

She revealed that she knew she wanted kids someday. However, she never thought she would find anybody who is not into her past and did not want somebody who “wanted that persona”.

So, the sportscaster spent 2 years being single and doing things that made her happy. This included “travel, sports events, she liked being at home and cooking dinner for her friends.”

(Image Source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

She further revealed that she liked “spending time with people who cared about her as a person and not how many followers she has on Instagram.” During this time, Khalifa had stopped worrying about whether she will find somebody.

The One

Soon after she stopped looking however, she “found that person and it happened in an instant.” Khalifa is now engaged to the guy she found. He is a Copenhagen-based chef named Robert Sandberg who moved to America after their relationship became serious.

Khalifa said that they were initially just internet friends who flirted. She then flew halfway across the world to Copenhagen to meet him for 10 days.

Mia Khalifa is engaged to Robert Sandberg
(Image source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

At the end of her visit, Sandberg said to her, “I’m not letting you get on the plane. You’re my girlfriend right?”

The 26-year-old excitedly explained that he was the person she never thought she would find. She also recalled their first interaction on social media. The former pornstar told Abbott, that she followed him Instagram because he was good looking and his food looked amazing.

Later, he DM’ed her saying, “Hey! Are you into food?”

Mia Khalifa is engaged to Robert Sandberg
(Image source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

The host asked Khalifa whether she talked to him about her past. To which Mia replied that 3 weeks into their conversation, she knew she liked him. So, she gave him the “entire backstory.”

Robert responded, “Well, I did Google you because I just wanted to know who you were. I saw that it said that but to be honest I don’t care about that.”

He further revealed that “everyone deserves a second chance, everyone has a past that they are not proud of. No one should be punished for their past, no matter how old they were.”

Mia Khalifa
(Image source: Mia Khalifa)

Mia also talked to Megan about how she felt shame about her past.

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