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Mia Khalifa talks childhood and the effect of 9/11 on her school years

by Hermeen Shahid

Mia Khalifa talks childhood and the effect of 9/11 on her school years. The social media star is revealing it all

mia khalifa
(Image Source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

Sports commentator Mia Khalifa sat down with host Megan Abbott to talk about her story. The YouTube interview titled, Mia Khalifa Tells Her Story for the First Time has more than 50,000 views.

Khalifa opened up about her childhood and how difficult it was growing up in the United States.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

Abbott asked Khalifa about her earliest memory from childhood. Mia joked that her earliest ones were all in Lebanon and all involved food. She further revealed that she moved to the US in 2001 when she was 10 years old. She studied in a French-Catholic private school.

Recalling her childhood, Mia talked about her lack of friends. Megan asked Mia, “What is the theme of your childhood?” The 26-year-old replied, “Freedom.” However, after she moved to America with her family, that changed.

The Land of Freedom

(Image Source: Instagram)

Abbott added that this was ironic since America is basically called the ‘Land of Freedom.’

Khalifa further confessed that the move was a culture shock for her parents. “They didn’t know anybody, didn’t trust people,” the sportscaster said. “I was not allowed to go to a friends house” or even visit the park, Mia said, because of her “overprotective parents”.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

The former pornstar said that she felt she had “a proverbial chokehold on her till college.” This is why she felt the need to rebel against her lack of freedom.

Aftermath of 9/11

Talking about school, Khalifa said that 2 weeks after she started school in DC, 9/11 happened. This led to the Lebanese born being nicknamed “the terrorist” by fellow kids.

Khalifa further went on to say that she did not fit in school. However, she “thrived” in a military boarding school, where she felt “free”.

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(Image Source: Instagram)

The sports commentator also talked to Megan Abbott about how she felt shame about her past.

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