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Mia Khalifa talks being shamed for her past on a radio show

by Hermeen Shahid

Mia Khalifa talks being shamed for her past on a radio show. She reveals all in an interview titled Mia Khalifa Tells Her Story for the First Time.

Mia Khalifa
(Image source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

Sports commentator Mia Khalifa sat down with host Megan Abbott to talk about her story. The YouTube interview, titled, Mia Khalifa Tells Her Story for the First Time, already has more than 50,000 views.

Khalifa opened up about her past and how she is still trying to accept it.

Mia khalifa radio show
(Image Source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

Interview gone wrong

Life coach Megan Abbott asked Khalifa about a radio interview she did in Florida. Earlier this year, the former pornstar went through surgery after her breast implant exploded.

A few days after the surgery, Khalifa went to do the interview. She confessed to Abbott that she was a little “drugged up.”

mia sports commentator
(Image Source: Instagram)

Khalifa said that before every interview her manager coaches the host and gives them at least 2 pointers on topics not to talk about. She further said that during the intro the radio host shamed her.

Shamed by her past

The radio host started the interview by talking about another “adult film actress”. He said, “One time I was at a basketball game and she was sitting in front of me and she was yelling at the basketball players ‘Hey I know you recognize me’.”

(Image Source: Instagram)

The host went on to insultingly joke, “That was the first time I realized porn stars liked sports.” Then he introduced the sportscaster to the audience saying, “We have Mia Khalifa, a porn star also into sports.”

Abbott cringed while the 26-year-old recalled the story. Khalifa then talked about how she had a more “prolific sports career than the radio host”.

She listed her accomplishments to Abbott which included “a show with a former NBA all-star, a second sports show with former ESPN, and a major league baseball radio host.”

 engaged to Robert Sandberg
(Image source: Instagram/ Mia Khalifa)

“Huge cloud of shame”

Mia Khalifa confessed that she felt a “huge cloud of shame” when she was introduced as a porn star. She further said, “That allowing their audience to call me that sets a terrible tone for me which is acceptance and pride in my past.”

The sports commentator revealed that neither of these things has come to her yet, saying that she is still working on accepting her past.

(Image source: Instagram)

Furthermore, she admitted that she “wanted to make them feel small as well” and that she “didn’t handle it as well” as she should have. However, she looked upset as she said that the radio host got what they wanted in the long run which was a lot of views.

Abbott also said that this is a problem and people need to talk about it. Further saying that this will allow everyone to move forward and not be shamed by their past.

Mia Khalifa
(Image source: Instagram/Mia Khalifa)

Khalifa recently got engaged to Robert Sandberg.

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