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Matt Lauer's wife Annette officially files for divorce after 20 year marriage
Former News anchor Matt Lauer's wife Annette Roque officially files for divorce after 20 years of marriage. The two share 3 kids & were separated since 2017

Matt Lauer’s wife Annette Roque officially files for divorce after 20 years of marriage. The two were separated since 2017.

Matt Lauer

TODAY -(Photo by: Zach Pagano/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Roque and Lauer tied the knot in October 1998 in New York, United States.

Lauer, the former co-anchor of NBC’s TODAY, had been having trouble with his marriage for years now with several rumors circling about his split. However, the 52-year-old former model has now officially filed for divorce.

Matt Lauer

(Image source: Instagram/ Matt Lauer)

Hence, in September 2006, Roque filed for divorce after 8 years of marriage. The paperwork received by National Enquirer was reported by The New York Daily News.


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 The Dutch model described Lauer’s attitude towards her as “cruel and inhumane” and being controlling during “even the smallest decisions” as well as showing “extreme anger and hostility” towards her.

However, they eventually reconciled.

Matt Lauer

(Image source: Instagram/ Matt Lauer)

Lauer was also accused of cheating on Annette Roque with his former Today co-anchor, Natalie Morales. The two denied that they had an affair and Morales eventually left the morning show due to the allegations.

The 61-year-old told New York Post, “Every aspect of this story is untrue, and it’s frankly sad that someone would tell lies to harm everyone involved,”

In addition, Morales also commented, “There is absolutely no truth to this completely absurd story. It is damaging, hurtful and extremely sexist. I have proven myself in all aspects of my job as a news professional and journalist.”

Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer

(Image source: Facebook/ Natalie Morales)

She further added, “And [I]  am adding to my role, taking on three jobs with ‘Access Hollywood Live’ and ‘Access Hollywood, in addition to ‘Today.’ This move was dictated by me and my desire to grow in my career. Any insinuations beyond that are uninformed.”

As sexual misconduct allegations began to surface, Lauer was fired from the Today show in November 2017. Co-hosts of the show, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb officially announced his termination on 29th November.

Multiple women accused the American TV personality of sexually inappropriate behavior. In addition, Variety reported that he was “fixated on women, especially their bodies and looks” according to his co-workers.

Lauer made a public statement to apologize for the incident.

According to a source who told ET, Lauer and Roque spent their time apart even before he was fired. The insider shared, “Matt and Annette lived separately, with Matt spending many nights in his Manhattan apartment.”

Matt Lauer

(Image source: Instagram/ Matt Lauer)

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The source shared, “The last two years of their marriage were hell, Annette had to hear about Matt’s wandering eye incessantly. People noticed his focus seemed to be all about his career and life in New York, certainly not about making his marriage work.”

Henri, Roque’s father stated in December 2017 as the two were spotted without wearing their wedding rings, “She is not going to stay with him and work it out. They are not together trying to work it out.”

Matt Lauer and Annette

(Image source: Instagram/ omakaria)

By March 2018, their marriage seemed like it was over. A source told ET,  “Annette is done playing the role of Matt’s loyal wife. Their marriage is completely over. At this point, all they have left to do is to settle their divorce and to separate their assets.”

Followed by another source stating about their divorce, “Annette is angry. She feels Matt’s behavior has affected a lot of people and has embarrassed the whole family.

Further adding, “Annette plans to receive a very good settlement in this divorce. She wants to make sure she and the children will always be well taken care of.”

Annette Roque model

(Image source: Instagram/ parisianpossums)

Lauer agreed to pay $20 million to Roque to settle their divorce in August 2018.

“They’ve relied on their attorney’s throughout the process and now after a very long year, Matt has agreed to pay Annette about $20 million in the divorce” an insider reported to ET. While another stated that Lauer sold his house in Hamptons. Along with one in Upper East Side of Manhattan for $7 million after the divorce was finalized.

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 07 (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/WireImage)

On July 2nd, Annette filed for divorce in Suffolk County Court, New York. Nancy Alspaugh, Lauer’s ex-wife, spoke to ET. She shared that the former news anchor was “doing incredibly well” and also moving on amid the scandal that resulted into his termination.

The two have not commented on their divorce.


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