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Superman’s Lois Lane, Margot Kidder, dies at 69

by Nayab

Margot Kidder, best known for her role as Lois Lane alongside Christopher Reeve’s Superman, has died aged 69. The cause of her death is still unknown and Kidder’s family members have not yet spoken out.


Margot Kidder struggled with mental health issues. (Image source: Instagram/Mi Lado Friki)


She was homeless for 4 days after an attack of depression. (Image source: Instagram/Raven)

The stellar actress is being remembered for her iconic performance as Lois Lane in the late 70’s and early 80’s Superman movies. She was a remarkable Lois, keeping Clark Kent on his toes and matching him in wit and gumption.


She also escaped a rape attempt at the time. (Image source: Instagram/Graeme Wood)

She did not have another episode after that. (Image source: Instagram/Dermediajunkie)

Kidder as Lois was witty, sarcastic, loveable and confident. She was there to help Clark out of a few scrapes and had a timeless beauty which resonated with and attracted teenage boys everywhere. They wanted to be with her while girls just wanted to be her.

Lois was played to perfection but once that finished, the actress retreated back in her life and faded out of the big screen. She later appeared on TV in two episodes of Smallville, where she played Bridgette Crosby, assistant to Dr. Virgil Swann, who was also played by Reeve.

According to a spokesperson at Franzen-Davis Funeral Home, Kidder passed away at home in Livingston, Montana. She didn’t have an easy life, the actress was known to suffer from bipolar disorder and had an unfortunate attack of manic depression in the late 90’s. She disappeared for four days after which she was found in a disoriented and hazy state, wandering in a stranger’s backyard.


She picked roles impulsively. (Image source: Instagram/John Cantwell)

This incident happened in Los Angeles. Kidder’s tragic foray into the dangerous city cost her a lot. When she was found, she had lost the caps of her teeth and was traumatized. Apparently, she had suffered a rape attempt and barely escaped with her life.

Kidder’s bipolar disorder forced her to seek treatment. She went to Olive View Medical Center and then was placed in proper psychiatric care. According to her own reports, she didn’t face any mental health issues after her stint at the psychiatric hospital ended. There is no proof that mental health had any role to play in her death.

She was a witty, strong and sharp Lois. (Image source: Instagram/Leon Kaye)


She had the ability to be a versatile actress though. (Image source: Instagram/Natalie Elynor Diaz)

Kidder is survived by a daughter named Maggie McGuane. The actress was married thrice, first to Thomas McGuane (1975-1977), then to John Head (1979-1980) and lastly to Phillippe De Broca (1983-1984). She remained single in the last days of her life. Her love life was as spotty and impulsive as her professional one, where she seemed to pick roles as if drawing randomly from a deck of cards.

In 2008, she spoke to Advocate and admitted, “I’m not choosy at all. I’m the biggest whore on the block.” She began her career in 1971 where she played conjoined twins in Sisters. She’d also done some small roles in lesser known TV shows such as Janacek and Harry O. However, she hit the jackpot when she tumbled into her role as Lois Lane.


And had some brief roles on obscure TV shows. (Image Source: Instagram/Ken Canedo)

Fans also mourned the death of their beloved Lois Lane as they shared their condolences and wishes to the late actress.


Her fans are mostly Superman loyalists (Image Source: Instagram/Jose Streidinger)


She will forever be remembered as Clark Kent’s Lois Lane (Image Source: Instagram/Heather Williams)

Her last act with Superman done, she quit acting and chose to live in some secrecy for the rest of her days. She was never hungry for glitz and glamour; her immortal words give it all away. She once said, “Acting’s fun, but life’s more important.”

Rest in Peace, Margot Kidder. You will be sorely missed.

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