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Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall jokes about flashing her fans with risque Instagram photo

Thirlwall shares a revealing image from recent music video

by Mahnoor Java

Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall jokes about flashing her fans with risque Instagram photo. Thirlwall shares a revealing image from recent music video.

Just Fashion Now (UK)

(Image Source: Instagram/Little Mix)

According to Mirror, Jade Thirlwall, 26-year old Little Mix singer joked that she “forgot to tuck” as a very awkward photo angle left her looking like she had a man’s genitals.

(Image Source: Instagram/Jade Thirlwall)

The singer amused her fans as she poked fun at her misplaced hand during the video shoot of “Bounce Back.

Thirlwall is wearing a stylish two-piece paired with heels. Her right hand stuck out awkwardly beside her toned body, with the incredible pink-lit backdrop, causing the untoward snap blooper.

Image Source: Instagram/Jade Thirlwall

Just Fashion Now (UK)

She took it to Instagram and posted a picture with the caption: “#SteadyAreYouReady #BounceBack #onceyouseeityoucantunseeit”

Along with her fans, her friend Munroe Bergdorf, a trans rights activist, laughed at Thirlwall’s unfortunate comedy of errors. Bergdorf posted three laughing emojis and adding: “IM SCREAMING. I CAN’T WITH U”.

Olly Alexander, from Years and Years, added: “LMAO Jade !!!,” and in reply Rochelle Humes commented saying: “SO good!!!!”.

Colorful remarks in regards to her “Willy” pictures.

One of her friends commented, “Remember when Jade had a willy…” Another wrote, “Omg is that a d**k”.Thirlwall posted other photos from the shoot and captioned them “not quite as entertaining as the last one but felt cute so won’t be deleting.”

Image Source:Instagram/Jade Thirlwall

Another photo showed Thirlwall lashing around in the water on the floor. Apart from Thirlwall’s gag, the fans also appreciated her other pictures in which she was seen crouching on the floor and pouting at the camera in the same skimpy outfit.

Just Fashion Now (UK)

Image Source: Instagram/Jade Thirlwall

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Image Source: Instagram/Jade Thirlwall

Little Mix‘s new single Bounce Back will release on June 14th.



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