Lilly Singh's late-night show FINALLY gets a release date
YouTuber Lilly Singh's late-night show FINALLY gets a release date. Superwoman is the first woman to host a late-night show solo in NBC's history.

Superwoman Lilly Singh’s late-night show FINALLY gets a release date. The boss lady’s show will debut on NBC SUPER SOON.

Lilly singh
(Image Source: Instagram/ iisuperwomanii)

Lilly Singh’s late-night show

YouTuber Lilly Singh, famously known as Superwoman online, is getting her own late-night show. NBC has finally announced the release date for the show.

A Little Late with Lilly Singh will be taking the place of Last Call with Carson Daly, which has been airing for 17 years. Each episode will be half an hour long. Superwoman’s show will debut on September 16 according to her social media.

lilly singh
(Image Source: Instagram/ iisuperwomanii)

She posted on Instagram, “SECRET’S OUT! Save the date because A Little Late with Lilly Singh premieres on @nbc on September 16th!”


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Continuing further, “Tell a stranger, tag a friend, send a raven, write to your pen pal, dm your side ting, repost this pic, get it tatted, message your bae, send your coworkers a cal invite and tell your mother so she can tell your aunty who will tell her neighbour and hopefully create a circle of positive gossip for once. Take that aunty! I didn’t just wear a short skirt… I have my own show.  #53Days #BlessingsUp #NotTheSaveTheDateMyParentsExpected”

The 30-year-old told The Hollywood Reporter, “I’m literally counting down the days until the premiere. It’s 53.”


(Image Source: Instagram/ iisuperwomanii)

Singh further continued, “I’m thrilled to be collaborating with this all-star team of writers as we work to bring a new, authentic perspective to late night.”

Trend-setting as always

Lilly Singh will be the first woman to host her own late night show on a major network. She will also serve as the executive producer for the show along with John Irwin.

She started her career on YouTube and has amassed almost 15 million subscribers.

(Image Source: Instagram/ iisuperwomanii)

Are you as EXCITED as we are??


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