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Laverne Cox breaks up with boyfriend Kyle Draper after 2 years of dating
Laverne Cox breaks up with boyfriend Kyle Draper after 2 years of dating. The two mutually agreed and have respectfully parted ways.

Laverne Cox breaks up with boyfriend Kyle Draper after two years of dating. The two mutually agreed and have respectfully parted ways.


(Image Source: Instagram/ Kyle Draper)

The 47-year-old actress announced her split publicly on her Instagram. She posted a video of them both dressed up for an event, and Draper writing “I Fell in Love” on the screen.

Cox tagged Draper in the post. Cox wrote alongside the post, “@thekyledraper and I have broken up. After much soul searching and tears from both of us, we have decided it’s time for us to go our separate ways. We decided we should make a public statement since our relationship was public in ways neither of us anticipated. This is that public statement. We know our relationship meant so much to so many people, especially trans folks, giving them hope that this kind of love is possible for them as well.”



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She added, “That hope, the hope for love has not waned for me in the face of this breakup but rather is fortified. Knowing that we are both capable of giving and receiving love with this level of kindness, respect, trust, affection, depth, and intensity has been so healing and life affirming for us both. I am so grateful we were open to love and for every moment we had together. We have both grown in innumerable ways as a result. Now its just time to move on separately. We both want a breakup that honors and respects the quality of our relationship and the love we shared. Its possible.”

Laverne Cox breaks up

(Image Source: Instagram/ Laverne Cox)

Draper made the announcement on his own Instagram page as well. He wrote, @lavernecox and I have broken up, and she wrote the most beautiful statement that sums up our feelings perfectly.”


(Image Source: Instagram/ Kyle Draper)

Dating history

Cox and Draper met in 2017 through Tinder. The two started dating soon after. Draper is the CEO of the record label Mateo Sound.

While talking about Draper, Cox said, “I’m in love. He’s amazing on so many different levels, I’ve never experienced that before. It’s really dumb luck that we met and clicked. I like to be in the moment and not think the future, and right now I’m very grateful that I get to experience this. It’s so deeply connecting. It’s just a full spiritual experience … I’ve never felt a man as all-in as he is.”


(Image Source: Instagram/ Kyle Draper)

The star admitted that dating for her was not easy. However, her relationship with Draper encouraged her that she is capable of finding love.

She said, “For most of us it’s really hard. It’s been hard for me dating while trans. But there is hope!”

Cox said she and Draper do not think that they wasted their time together. They say their relationship taught them more about themselves.

A transgender breaking barriers

Cox is a transgender advocate. She is the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for her role in Orange is the New Black.

Cox went through her transition privately back in her twenties.

Laverne Cox

(Image Source: Instagram/ Laverne Cox)

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She told The Washington Post, “When you transition in the public eye, the transition becomes the story. I’m always disturbed when I see conversations about trans people that focus on surgery. This is why I’m so grateful that I had the luxury of transitioning in private.”

Soon afterward, she appeared on the Time magazine cover with the title, “The Transgender Tipping Point: America’s next civil right’s frontier.”

She is an inspiring icon for the LGBTQ community.


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