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The Kardashian Family, Tyga and Perez Hilton Express Their Thoughts About Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy News

by Marvah Mushtaq

The on and off rumors of Kylie Jenner being pregnant are becoming more and more real.

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Even though there are no confirm comments by any of the family members, let alone Kylie and the said to be father Travis Scott. Yet Kylie has straight away changed her fashion look in the last few months. From wearing skin tight or exposing clothes, now she’s always seen in baggy clothes.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant

Kylie’s baggy t-shirt sparked pregnancy rumors! (Source: Kylie’s Snapchat)

It’s also interesting that Kylie has been posting old pics of herself on Instagram and current shots from the chest up.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant

Kylie posting old pictures on Instagram showing her sexy body. (Source : Kylie’s Instragram)

Sherlock alert people! And as if that alone wasn’t suspicious enough, Kylie’s snapchat from today makes the rumors seem a little bit more real. The pregnancy is becoming more and more real.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant

Kylie serving alcohol at a party last night, but doesn’t take a drink herself. (Source: Kylie’s Snapchat)

In this picture, Kylie is serving a drink but as for herself, she’s keeping away from all sorts of alcohol.

Rumors about Kylie Jenner expecting her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott are intensifying as the 20-year-old was seen serving alcohol in a Snapchat picture last night.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant

Kylie Jenner serving a glass of alcohol at a party to her friends but not taking one herself. (Source: Kylie’s Snapchat)

The reality TV star Diva is five months pregnant according to multiple sources in the last 2 days.

She even posted an Instagram picture on 22-August and eagle-eyed fans spotted what seems to look like a ‘bump’ in that picture.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant

Kylie Jenner spotted with a baby bump or is it due to the light? (Source: Kylie’s Instagram)

In a clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2015, Kylie revealed she wanted two kids before 25. And well, we all think it’s about time she got off to a start as she has only 5 more years to have another.

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But now a family member has said that Kylie’s folks feel rather uneasy about the star becoming a mum.

The insider said “Kylie is very naive”, adding that the fashion sensation “is too young to have a baby.”

Adding to this, Perez Hilton claims Kylie should have had an abortion’ as according to him her relationship with Travis won’t last long.

However, Kylie herself is proving this statement wrong. As she is spending lots of time with her nieces and nephews, and her ex-boyfriend Tyga’s four-year-old son King Cairo, the star claimed she was ready.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant

Kylie might be young but she has very good practice in handling kids. (Source: Kylie’s Instagram)

But, the source told People: “Spending time with other people’s kids is obviously completely different than being a mom 24/7. Kylie of course has no idea about all the hard work and sleepless nights.”

Looks like her own family is against the idea of her becoming a mom.

Furthermore, matriarch Kris Jenner commented on the rumors for the first time on Saturday. While attending Milan Fashion Week in support of daughter Kendall Jenner, who was walking in the shows. Kris said the news came as surprise to her.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant

Kris Jenner at Bottega Veneta during Milan Fashion Week. (Source: Getty images)

“It wouldn’t be the family if something didn’t happen every single day,” she said, giving a diplomatic answer where she chose neither to confirm nor deny the news.

And later while attending the Bottega Veneta show, she said

“[Kylie’s] not confirmed anything, I think it’s kind of wild that everyone is just assuming that that’s just happening.”

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This statement, of course, has little echoes of denial without straightaway stating the rumors false. This is not the first time pregnancy rumors are here to haunt Kylie. But according to some sources, the makeup guru and Scott himself have confirmed to friends that this is real.

It’s possible Kris’ noncommittal response was crafted carefully to ensure Kylie is able to make the official announcement herself, when she feels like opening up with the world.

On Friday, Kylie fan art on her Instagram, from which some fans are assuming it was her way of telling the world she was expecting a baby girl.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant

Kylie posted an Instagram Fan Made picture which might hint that she’s having a baby girl. (Source: Kylie’s Instagram)

Meanwhile, Travis, the father to be seems to be in very high spirits as he performed a gig on Friday night. This was only hours after the pregnancy rumors broke out.

It looked like the 25-year-old rapper was in very good form as he took on the stage and mesmerized his fans with his amazing talent. Travis looked like he was having the time of his life.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant

Travis Scott performs onstage during the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival. (Source: Getty Images)

News first broke of Kylie’s unexpected pregnancy on TMZ, with the website reporting Travis was telling friends his life was about to change. A further source told People magazine that Kylie was overjoyed about her pregnancy.

The report was given further credence when an insider told People: “It is an unexpected but completely amazing turn of events that she could not be more excited or thrilled about.”

Kylie began dating Travis back in April following her split from former long-term boyfriend Tyga.

As news broke of the pregnancy on Friday Tyga added his own thoughts to the mix. Snapchatting, then deleting, the comment: “Hell nah that’s my kid!”

Kylie Jenner Pregnant

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s first public outing. (Source: Getty Images)

In the months since, Kylie and Travis have proved to become inseparable, and even have matching butterflies tattooed on their ankles.

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