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Kylie Jenner and Ellen DeGeneres are teaming up for the most INCREDIBLE way to give back!

by Asfa

Kylie Jenner and Ellen DeGeneres are teaming up to give back using Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection in the most incredible way.

Kylie Jenner Ellen Degeneres
(Image source: Ellen Tube)

The Birthday Collection

Jenner recently announced her 22nd birthday Kylie Cosmetics collection. The collection is themed around money. Jenner has an eye shadow palette, lipsticks, highlighters, lipsticks, lip glosses and a brand new eyeliner.

However, Kylie said during her initial reveal on Snapchat that the collection would be used to give back. At the time, she told fans to wait for the announcement.

Kyllie Jenner Money Collection
(Image source: Instagram/ Kylie Cosmetics)

She has now revealed what she plans to do with the profit’s from the collection. Kylie Jenner and Ellen Degeneres are teaming up for an incredible giveaway!

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“Going to do something really big”

Jenner announced her plans in a long Instagram post. She wrote, “So while I was developing my birthday collection this year, I decided that the best way I can celebrate is to help other people, and give back in a big way!”

She added, “I am teaming up with my friend Ellen DeGeneres to start a nationwide search to find some incredible people around the country doing incredible things for their families, friends and communities. We’re going to do something really big for them!”

Kylie Jenner 22nd Birthday Giveaway
(Image source: Instagram/ Kylie Cosmetics)

She told fans how to nominate incredible people around them. She wrote, “To nominate someone all you have to do is go to ellentube.com and submit a video telling us who you think deserves it and why. You can even nominate yourself. Then get ready for some very big surprises on Ellen’s season 17 Premiere Week beginning Monday, September 9th!”

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You can nominate a family member of friend right here.

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