Kris Jenner hijacks Kylie’s business and renames it to ‘Kris Cosmetics’ to celebrate the launch of her new collaboration with the company

by Asfa Shakeel

In true Kris Jenner style, the momager has taken over Kylie Cosmetics and rebranded it Kris Cosmetics until her collection with the brand launches on Mothers Day.

Kris Cosmetics

Kris Jenner has taken over Kylie Cosmetics. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

On May 7, a mysterious video was uploaded to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page. It started by displaying the name of the brand, and then gradually started fluctuating, eventually displaying the word “hacking…”.

Kris Cosmetics

The first hint was dropped three days ago. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Fans had plenty of guesses about who it could be, including Tyga, Jordan, Kourtney, Todd Kraines, Blac Chyna, Kendall, Caitlyn and even Stormi herself.

“If it James Charles I’m quitting,” one user wrote.

“Is it a chicken?” wrote another, referencing the infamous time Kylie mistook a pig for a chicken.

Another fan wrote, “[sic] imagine someone actually hacked the insta acct and the website ad we all here guessing who it is lmao.”

Several fans guessed that it must be Kris, what with Mother’s Day nearing and the fact that she’s the only one of the immediate family, other than Kendall, that Kylie has not partnered with.

Kris Cosmetics

Several fans guessed that Kris was probably behind the takeover. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Kylie has done collaborations with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, but none of them have been done in this over-the-top fashion. Kris is truly striking out with her lipkit and eyeshadow deal, and has made a name for it before her launch.

On May 8, it was revealed that mastermind Kris Jenner was behind it all. She uploaded a video with the caption, “Hey guys… it’s me! and oh, my collection drops on Mother’s Day.”

In the video, a black Rolls Royce is seen pulling up with the license plate reading “FabulKris Cosmetics Kris uploaded a video showcasing the takeover. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)[/caption]

Kris Cosmetics

She is seen marching towards the Kylie Cosmetics office. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Kris Cosmetics

She casually crosses out Kylie’s name. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Kris Cosmetics

She then makes her way towards a black and white checkered photoshoot set. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Kris Cosmetics

She sits atop a gold throne in an all-black outfit. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Kris Cosmetics

She then removes her glasses as the camera pans in on her face. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Kris Cosmetics

She then winks at the camera.  (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Watch the full video:

A post shared by Kris Cosmetics (@kriscosmetics) on

Kris did not stop there; she also changed the name of the Instagram account to Kris Cosmetics, letting fans know that the change was not permanent and would be reversed after Mother’s Day.

Kris Cosmetics

Kris also renamed the page to Kris Cosmetics. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Kris Cosmetics

Kris let fans know that the takeover is till Mothers Day only. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Fans reacted in the comments below the iconic video.

“Can you throw Stormi as hard as you just threw my wig?” one wrote.

“Hackers work hard … but Kris Jenner works harder,” another fan spoke the truth.

“I want to be her when I grow up,” yet another said.

Kris Cosmetics

Fans loved the elaborate setup for releasing the collaboration. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Kris also revealed yesterday that she is going to be launching an eye shadow palette and a lipkit set in her collaboration. The names of the eye shadows are truly an ode to the classic Momager lines we have come to recognize over the last 10 years of KUWTK: I Love Myself, Gorgeous, It’s An Emergency, Very Nice, Haters, Vodka Tonic, Paybacks a B**ch, Impressed, 10%, I’m Watching You, Talent, and Does It Come In Black.

The inside cover of the palette reads, “I have one word for tonight… vodka”.

Kris Cosmetics

Fans loved the creativity that went into naming the shadows. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

Fans were particularly delighted about the name 10%, since the momager is known for her 10% commission from her children. Khloe in particular has teased Kris over the years about extorting her kids for the cash. In the comments, fans also had a number of other suggestions for names: Case for the FBI, You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie, It’s Me Todd Kraines, and Hey it’s Kris.

Kris Cosmetics

Fans suggested several other names that Kylie and the momager could have used as well. (Image source: Instagram/Kris Cosmetics)

The collection launches on Mother’s Day, which will fall on Sunday, May 13.

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