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Kit Harington responds to claims by Russian model that she had an affair with him after he got married

She also leaked compromising images of the actor

by Asfa

Kit Harington has responded to claims made by a Russian model about a extramarital affair she had with him, addressing the compromising pictures she released as well.

Kit Harington

Actors Kit Harington and Rose Leslie attend the premiere of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” season 7. (Source: Getty Images)

Kit Harington

Kit Harington has responded to claims that he cheated on Rose Leslie. (Image source: Instagram/Kit Harington)

Recently, Russian model Olga Vlaslova released nude pictures of the Game of Thrones star, claiming that this was proof of the one month affair she had with Harington after his engagement and marriage to Rose Leslie.

Kit Harington

Rose Leslie shows off her engagement ring as she arrives at Heathrow airport. (Source: Getty Images)

Vlaslova said she met Harington in Luxemborg, after which the two slept together on several occasions.

Kit Harington

The model said she met and slept with Harington several times. (Image source: Instagram/Kit Harington)

A rep for Harington said, “The allegations in this story are completely false. He’s never even been to Luxembourg nor has he ever met Olga Vlaslova.”

Kit Harington

Kit Harington attends the season 7 premiere of “Game Of Thrones”. (Source: Getty Images)

Harington and Rose got married in June 2018. They met on the set of Game of Thrones in 2012 and confirmed that they were together six years later in 2016. The 31 year old actor proposed to Leslie in September 2017.

Kit Harington

The Game Of Thrones actress, was dating her co-star for a long time before he popped the question.(Source:Getty Images)

The couple wed in Aberdeen-shire at Leslie family’s Ward-hill Castle in north east Scotland. The wedding vows took place in the castle’s drawing room.

Kit Harington

The engagement of Game Of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie is announced in The Times of London on September 27, 2017 in London, United Kingdom. (Source: Getty Images)

Kit Harington

The couple got married in Scotland. (Image source: Instagram/Kit Harington)

However, since it could only fit 80 guests, the reception took place in a large erected marquee located on the castle grounds.

Game of Thrones cast members, including Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) arrived in Aberdeen, Scotland a few days before the wedding, and all attended the wedding of their costars.

Kit Harington

Many Game of Thrones stars attended the wedding. (Image source: Instagram/Kit Harington)

Speaking to Vogue Italy before the wedding, Harington said,  “”The three weeks in Iceland when we were shooting the second season. Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love [with Rose Leslie].”

The stars played the famous on-screen lovers, Jon Snow and Ygritte, while on Game of Thrones together.

Kit Harington

Rose Leslie stunning a red dress with Kit Harington while attending The Olivier Awards 2017

He added, “If you’re already attracted to someone, and then they play your love interest in the show, it’s becomes very easy to fall in love.”

Kit Harington

Harington said it was not difficult to fall in love with Leslie. (Image source: Instagram/Kit Harington)

While rejoicing over his win for Outstanding Drama Series, Harington said, “I met my wife in this show. In that way, it gave me my future family and my life from here on in. That’s the main thing it did for me.”

Kit Harington

Actor Kit Harington and actress Rose Leslie attend the season 7 premiere of “Game Of Thrones” at Walt Disney Concert Hall. (Source: Getty Images)

Leslie left Game of Thrones in 2014, and Harington stayed on.

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