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Kim Kardashian defends Kylie Jenner’s Forbes cover, says a famous family hasn’t made anyone else a billion dollars

by Asfa

In a new interview, Kim Kardashian defended Kylie Jenner’s Forbes cover, saying people that are criticizing her sister are just ‘Kardashian haters’.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian defended Kylie Jenner’s status as a self-made billionaire. (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

Kardashian was asked in particular about Forbes labeling Kylie as the next youngest self-made billionaire. Jenner, who is worth $900 million currently, is expected to hit her first billion by the end of the year and according to Forbes, she is to be credited for it all. The reason behind that claim is that Jenner invested her own money into the first set of lip kits, but the magazine’s audience has taken extreme issue with the fact that someone born in a famous family like Jenner was could ever be labelled self made.

In a recent interview, Kim was asked whether it bothers her and her sisters that there is a misconception that they do not work hard with their brands. In response, Kim said, “I mean there is but then we’re the type of people that we’re not gonna sit and shout from the rooftops, ‘We’re working so hard.’ Like if you see it, you get it then you get it, if you don’t then you just don’t get it.

Kim Kardashian

She said her and her sisters do not waste time trying to convince people that they work hard. (Image source: Youtube/Access Hollywood)

She also added that even though she does not devote energy to trying to convince people of the work she does, she feels the criticism more when it is directed at her little sister. She explained, “I’ll get protective over Kylie when someone will say something or when they were talking about how she’s self-made, and I was like I really don’t get that backlash. You must just be a Kardashian hater and keep hating ’cause it’s really not bothering her like she’s completely unfazed.

She continued by saying that while Kylie has definitely been born into a privileged family, that does not mean her success was ready-made. As Kim explained, “As her sister – so if she came from a family that was successful, I see so many people in her situation that hasn’t made a billion dollar empire and doesn’t have that work ethic, so I’m proud of her. And those comments do, they don’t like bother me, but it’s like oh come on, you always have something to say, there’s always gonna be something and you just have to stay focused and continue to work and I’m proud of her.

Kim Kardashian

She added that a famous family has not guaranteed anyone a billion dollars. (Image source: Youtube/Access Hollywood)

Kardashian was also asked about Kylie’s recent cover of GQ Magazine with Travis Scott. Kim has been on the cover previously as well, and she was asked whether she thought the family was making a claim on the magazine. She said, “You know, I’m so proud of her, she really deserves that, she’s been working for a really long time, and I love that she’s getting that recognition and that people are recognizing all of the hard work that she’s put in ’cause she does work so hard. And she’s built this brand and I’m so proud of her.

Kim Kardashian

She also added that she is proud of her sister for all her hard work. (Image source: Instagram/GQ)

Both Kim’s brand, KKW Beauty, and Kylie’s brand, Kylie Cosmetics, will be at BeautyConLA.

Watch the full interview below:

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