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Kim Kardashian says she is expecting a Rolls Royce from Kylie Jenner on Christmas now that the latter is almost a billionare

by Asfa

Kim Kardashian says she is expecting a Rolls Royce from Kylie Jenner after the success of Kylie Cosmetics. She also called Kylie out for being bad with birthday presents. 

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian expects a Rolls Royce from Kylie for Christmas. (Image source: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)

In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kim Kardashian was asked about Kylie Jenner’s recent Forbes cover. Kim revealed that while it was a massive surprise for the rest of the world, Kylie had already informed her family of her booming net worth, and they were not surprised when Forbes made the announcement.

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Kardashian was also asked about her reaction to her younger sisters news, to which she replied, “I’m so happy for her, I mean the second the Forbes cover came out, we have a group chat that goes on every day with the whole family, so I put it in the group chat, the cover, and you know, we were so excited, screaming. And I was like, Christmas is going to be lit this year, you’re going to buy everyone a Rolls Royce.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian said she is very happy for her sister’s success. (Image source: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)

Kimmel asked her if she was serious about expecting a better gift this year and she said that she was, adding that Kylie is “not good at birthday but she’s so good at Christmas.” Kimmel quipped that with a billion dollars, Kylie “better get good at birthdays.

He also addressed the issue of Kylie being self-made, saying Kylie owed Kim the credit for her billion dollars. He said, “And that doesn’t cause any discord in the family, because the way I see it, they said she’s self-made. You really are, you know, are the platform on which this whole family has risen. Do you tell them that?” Kim said that she used to hold this fact over her family, but she does not do it anymore.

Kim Kardashian

Kimmel asked Kim whether she reminds the family that she is responsible for their success. (Image source: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)

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Kimmel also brought up the fact that both Kylie and Kim own separate makeup lines which can eventually cause conflict in the future. He said, “But that she has this makeup deal and she makes so much money from it and you now have your own makeup. Is the goal to destroy her?

Denying it completely, Kim said, “No, we learn a lot from each other and we’re really supportive.” She added, “No, I mean we both have completely different audiences and different makeup techniques and it’s really different.

Kim Kardashian

Kim said her and Kylie do not have business conflicts. (Image source: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)

With Kylie, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, being almost a billionaire, it was not unexpected for Kim, who is seen as the most successful member of the family, to be asked whether she was close to a billion. She said, “I would say my husband is, so that makes me one, right? Close, close, by proximity.

This assertion does not match with reports of Kanye West’s net worth online. According to Celebrity Net Worth, West is worth $160 million, a significant figure but one that is not close to a billion. Regardless, Kim Kardashian seems sure that her net worth and her husband’s combined makes them good competition for Kylie Jenner.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian says her husband is also almost a billionaire. (Image source: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)

Season 15 of Kim Kardashian’s reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, returns August 5.

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