Kim Kardashian says Kourtney drove her crazy during filming for KUWTK S15
During a recent interview, Kim Kardashian talked about her stance on selfies, being unknown inside her house and how sister Kourtney is driving her crazy.

During a recent interview, Kim Kardashian talked about her current stance on selfies, being unknown inside her own house and how sister Kourtney drove her crazy.

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian recently talked about her relationship with Kourtney. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

Kim Kardashian recently talked to ITV’s Sam Rubin to promote the pop up shop for her cosmetics line, KKW Beauty, in LA. During the interview, Kardashian talked about everything from a potentially permanent role in politics in the future, what her kids at home think of her fame, her relationship with sister Kourtney, selfies and what makeup item every man needs.

Kim Kardashian

She was promoting her pop up shop. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

Rubin asked her if the arguments fans see on Keeping Up with the Kardashians are actually as real and aggressive as they appear to be on camera. Kim said that while the family usually tones it down for the cameras because ‘we don’t wanna look crazy’, this season ‘I just couldn’t control myself’.


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The host also asked her what drove her crazy this season, to which Kim replied saying it was her sister Kourtney Kardashian. When pressed for details, she said, “Well, you’ll have to see. You’ll really have to see. There’s so many reasons I don’t think you have tape as to why she was driving me crazy.

Kim Kardashian

Kim said Kourtney drove her crazy. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

Kim Kardashian

She added that people would have to tune in to see why. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

Kim also said that while she always says never say never and does not like to out-rightly deny any opportunity, she does not see herself in a political role in the future at all. When Rubin asked her if she would at least consider becoming Mayor of Calabasas, she stated, “That’s not really what my goals are.

She added that even though helping Alice Johnson had become a political move because of her meeting with President Trump, to her it was a ‘personal feeling and more of like a people instinct’. She added, “Everyone, you know, asks if I’m political and I’m not really. I really saw her case and felt like I had the resources to help figure it out and help her life.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is not interested in politics. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

Kim Kardashian

She said helping Alice Johnson was political, not personal. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

Kim was also asked how she deals with the fame she has amassed over the last decade. She explained that while she and her family often talk about how drastically their lives have changed and how crazy everything has become over the years, they are all still ‘exactly the same’.

She also explained that because her kids do not understand her fame, fame does not affect her life as strongly as it seems. She explained, “It’s pretty intense but like at home I’m not known like my kids have no clue what’s going  so I don’t really feel it. I spend most of my time at home.

Kim Kardashian

Kim’s kids do not see her as the famous Kim Kardashian West. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

Kim Kardashian

Her life at home is very normal. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

At the end of the interview, Kim was asked by the producer if she would take a selfie with the staff, and she said she doesn’t ‘really like them anymore’. Although she’s not against pictures or any recording of her experiences, she said, “I just would like to live in real time a little bit more. I don’t mind pictures, I just am not on my phone the way that I used to be.

Kim Kardashian

Kim is not that interested in selfies anymore. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

Kim Kardashian

She wants to live in the moment more. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

In the end, Rubin explained that Kim Kardashian’s advice to men is to wear concealer. She gave him a tube from her own makeup line to take with him.

Watch the full interview below:


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