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Kiera Knightley’s prom photos were banned from her school because they were too inappropriate

Knightley attended prom with her best friend

by Asfa

Keira Knightley’s prom photo was banned by her school from the prom photos wall because she was kissing a female friend in it.

Kiera Knightly

Kiera Knightley’s prom photos were banned. (Image source: YouTube/Late Night With Seth Meyers)

Knightley relayed the story during an interview with Seth Meyers. The actress and her best friend went to their prom together. The two kissed for one of their prom photos. When they looked for the picture on the photo wall, they realized their pictures had not been put up.

They were later told that their picture was not appropriate for a school environment. Laughing at the memory, Knightley said, “They said it wasn’t appropriate for the wall. Scandal at 16!”

Kiera Knightly

Her school refused to put the pictures up on the school wall. (Image source: YouTube/Late Night With Seth Meyers)

Knightley talked about the incident once before during an interview with Vulture in 2016.

She said, “We both turned up an hour late. I’d been filming Bend It Like Beckham, and I turned up in leather pants and a crop top, and she was a model for a while, and she’d been in Paris shooting something, and she turned up as the boy. So, she had a black tie with ripped jeans on, and everybody else was completely dressed up, obviously, in that kind of finery.”

She continued, “And then we had our picture taken underneath the thing, and she’s kissing me, and we were told that that was disgusting. And one of the teachers took us both aside and said we were never going to come to anything if we didn’t know how to dress appropriately for events like that. So, that was my prom. We had a great time!

Kiera Knightly

Knightley has related this story once before as well. (Image source: YouTube/Late Night With Seth Meyers)

The actress also talked about her three year old daughter Edie and how she has started cursing now. She also talked about kissing co-star Dominic West while he maintained a long beard for his character.

She said, “It was sort of like kissing a walrus. I mean, not that I know what that is like – as I’d imaging kissing a walrus would be. It’s amazing because he’s really a sexy man, and he’s really not in the film at all in any way.”

Kiera Knightly

Knightley is shooting a new movie with Dominic West. (Image source: YouTube/Late Night With Seth Meyers)

Knightley is starring with West in a movie Colette.

Watch the full clip below:

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