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Kevin Spacey's accuser has handed in texts as evidence in assault case
Kevin Spacey's accuser has handed in his text messages to his girlfriend as evidence in sexual assault case. The man alleges the assault happened in 2016.

Kevin Spacey’s accuser has handed in his text messages to his girlfriend as evidence in sexual assault case.

Kevin Spacey's accuser

(Image source Instagram/ Kevin Spacey)

Kevin Spacey’s accuser

Boston TV anchor Heather Unruh accused Spacey of sexually assaulting her son in 2016. Spacey was charged in December after the accusation was made. Court proceedings are currently underway in this case.

During a court filing revealed to the public by The Boston Globe on Thursday, Kevin Spacey’s accuser texted his girlfriend during his 2016 assault. The incident happened in the Club Car bar in Nantucket. According to documents, the accuser was a busboy and Spacey was “hangin’ around me in the bar. He got my number and asked me to come out with him.”

Then a teenager, the unnamed man wrote at one point, “He’s grabbed my d**k like 8 times.” The accuser’s girlfriend replied, “Sounds like he’s hitting on you…” The accuser replied, “I think he is.”


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During the conversation, the accuser’s girlfriend said, “Plz take a selfie with him at some point.” The accuser replied, “I’m gonna get the pic. I got the autographs and a hell of a [story].”

Sexual assault case

(Image source: YouTube/ Kevin Spacey)

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“He’s grabbing my leg”

However, the appeal of Spacey’s celebrity did not last that long. The accuser later wrote, “He’s grabbing my leg and s**t.” The accuser also told his girlfriend, “I’m not gay. But I think Spacey is.” Later, he wrote that Spacey “pulled my zipper down” and “invited me to his house.” His girlfriend replied, “What the f**k is happening.”

The accuser replied, “Jesus Christ he reached down my pants.” The accuser then sent 17 texts including, “He’s buying me another drink,” “He’s gotten me so many,” “I’m drunk,” “He grabbed my d**k.” At some point, he also texted, “Help” and “Help me.”


(Image source Instagram/ Kevin Spacey)

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Sexual Assault Case

The papers were first filed in March by Spacey’s lawyers as part of his defense. His lawyer, Alan Jackson, said only one text was time-stamped. Additionally, he said they were misused by the prosecution. TMZ obtained a copy of the texts.

He said, “There appear to be intervening time periods between each of these texts, yet [the accuser] continued to engage with Mr. Spacey.” He continued that the texts “never uses any language to indicate the interaction was unwelcome.” Jackson also pointed to the fact that the accuser was “welcoming his advances, because he wanted a ‘story’ to tell.”

The lawyer also claimed that the accuser told 6 friends about everything that happened. However, he claims that he “appears to have deleted responses from his friends . . . before providing those messages to law-enforcement.”

Kevin Spacey

(Image source Instagram/Kevin Spacey)

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The accuser has not been named in court papers in an attempt to protect his privacy.

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