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Just Fashion Now (UK)

Ho Ho Ho! Katie Price Celebrated Her Christmas in a Sexy Santa Dress; She Posted a Stunning Topless Shot Reminding the Fans of her Old Days

by Ayesha Naeem

Katie Price is no stranger when it comes to boldness. The model loves to pose for sizzling photo shoots. And this time too, it wasn’t any different!

Just Fashion Now (UK)

The 39-year-old recently shared a steamy photo in a teasing Santa dress and fans are going crazy.

Katie Price in her Santa dress. (Source: Katie Price’s Instagram)

Jordan was all about the Christmas spirit as she uploaded her picture on Instagram.

Katie dons a stunning outfit. (Source: Katie Price’s Instagram)

The model wore a scarlet velvet thigh-skimmed dress with white fur trims that showed her long toned legs. It also showed a glimpse of her Garter tattoo.

The star poses for a photo shoot. (Source: Katie Price’s Instagram)

She captioned her picture, “Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you had an incredible day xx”

She continued with her shoot as she posed for a foxy second shot. She only wore a pair of red knickers with ‘Merry Xmas’ emblazoned on it.

Jordan in a foxy shot. (Source:Katie Price’s Instagram)

Just Fashion Now (UK)

The star striked sexy postures in her bronzed skin, leaning on the bed.

Katie didn’t stop herself from showing off her busty body. She came up with yet another  picture showing her buxom while pouting for the camera. Jordan was wearing a plain black tank top.

She wrote the caption:

“Still on way home from up North eta 5:15am but chilling being DJ in back of car.”

The diva flaunts her busty figure. (Source:Katie Price’s Instagram)

The diva absolutely rocked in a slinky red lingerie pairing it up with satin thongs. The nightwear complimented her cleavage perfectly.

Katie Price looks incredible in a fur jacket. (Source: Katie Price’s Instagram)

The shoots manifested vintage Jordan, except for her fresh brunette hair and the fame.

Anyhow, her final picture was in a red gown with white faux fur trim.

Just Fashion Now (UK)

Katie Price pouts in front of the camera. (Source: Katie Price’s Instagram)

Katie has undergone many surgeries in 16 years to get the perfect figure she is in today. She first went under the knife at the age of 20 in 1996, to increase her cup size from B to a C.

Katie Price gives a sultry look. (Source: Katie Price’s Instagram)

After which, she had her cup size enhanced several times until 2014 when she went back to her natural figure.

But now again, Katie plans to undergo a surgery which will enlarge her breasts to ’32GG’. She says, it will be her final look.

Katie Price features in an old playboy magazine. (Source: Katie Price’s Instagram)

Speaking to ‘The Magazine’ she revealed, “I plan to get rid of Jordan, get rid of Katie Price and start as a new person.”

“I’ll keep the name but I’ll be a brand new person. I’d like to have no dramas in 2018.” The star added.

Well, all we can say is good luck!

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