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Katherine Schwarzenegger shared a picture of Chris Pratt on Father's Day
Katherine Schwarzenegger shares a picture of Chris Pratt with his son on Father's Day. She praised her husband as a "hands on and loving father."

Katherine Schwarzenegger shares a picture of Chris Pratt with his son on Father’s Day.

Chris and Katherine

(Image Source: Instagram/ Katherine Schwarzenegger)

Katherine Schwarzenegger shared an adorable photo for Father’s Day. She took to Instagram and posted a photo of her new husband, Chris Pratt and his son, Jack, in a forest area cutting up wood.

Schwarzenegger captioned the photo: “Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband. Watching you be such a hands-on and loving father was one of the many reasons I fell in love with you, and continue to each day. I love you.”

Chris Pratt and his son

(Image Source: Instagram/ Katherine Schwarzenegger)

According to E! News, it is unclear where the photo was taken. The actor and Katherine live primarily in Los Angeles but he also has a farm on San Juan Island in Washington State, and his son often visits there as well.


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 ‘The best day of our lives’

Schwarzenegger and Pratt got married a week ago. Pratt’s ex-wife, Anna Faris was also present along-side their six-year-old son, Jack.

They shared their wedding photos online with the caption: “Yesterday was the best day of our lives! We became husband and wife in front of God, our families and those we love. It was intimate, moving and emotional. We feel so blessed to begin this new chapter of our lives.”

Chris Pratt Wedding

(Image Source: Instagram/ Katherine Schwarzenegger)

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She continued, “We are so thankful to our families and our friends who stood with us, and grateful to Mr Giorgio Armani, who created a once in a lifetime dress for me to wear, and for Chris, the perfect suit. This morning we feel nothing but blessed.”

Honoring our father’s

The couple honored their dad’s on Father’s Day.

Pratt posted a photo on Instagram of his father who had passed away back in 2014. Pratt captioned it, “Happy Father’s Day to the strongest and funniest man I ever met. They don’t make em like you anymore. Which in some ways is probably a good thing. Haha!!! Love you and miss you every day Pop.”

Father's Day

(Image Source: Instagram/ Chris Pratt)

Katherine, on the other hand, posted multiple throwback photos with her dad. She captioned the photos “Happy Father’s Day daddy! I love you so much (even when you feed Maverick from the table)! ”

Schwarzenegger Family

(Image Source: Instagram/ Katherine Schwarzenegger)

Pratt’s film Pixar Onward will be releasing in March 2020.


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