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Jennifer Aniston is reportedly ‘furious’ about Justin Theroux and Emma Stone’s budding romance

by Nayab

Jennifer Aniston is leaving no stone unturned in her campaign to alienate ex Justin Theroux’s alleged new flame. Justin has been spotted out, about and happy with actress Emma Stone and Jennifer is reportedly furious about this situation. So much so that she has been bad mouthing Emma to anyone who will hear.

jennifer aniston justin theroux

Jennifer Aniston is not happy about Justin and Emma’s new relationship (Image source: JB Lacroix/WireImage)

justin theroux emma stone

She believes that Emma and Justin got together during their marriage (Image Source: Instagram/Emma Stone)

Fans believe that Jen’s reaction is justified. Not only did she suffer a painful end to her marriage with Justin, but she also had to see him linked to one woman after another. Earlier, there were rumors that he was dating singer Selena Gomez in a whirlwind and sudden romance. Next week, Emma entered the picture, and Jen is not having it anymore.

justin theroux emma stone

The couple has been spotted out and about recently (Image Source: Twitter/Stone Archive)

A source spoke to Radar Online, revealing that Jen is caught up in a ‘furious rage’ about the new relationship. She has seen pictures of them taking various trips together and apparently it ‘bugs the hell out’ of her. Another thing she is frustrated about is the fact that Emma and Justin became close while he was still married to her. “She isn’t taking this lying down,” the source said.

Jen has been making herself heard in Hollywood. She isn’t the ever suffering ex-wife who would take a back seat and not complain. “She’s dragging Emma every chance she gets and warning pals like Jason Bateman and Jimmy Kimmel to avoid her,” the source also reported.

Jen isn’t alone in her hate towards Emma. She has also made sure her ‘squad’ hates on her as much as she does.

justin theroux selena gomez

Justin was linked to Selena Gomez before this (Image source: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for InStyle)

jennifer aniston and selena gomez

Jen and Selena used to be BFFs! (Image source: Kevin Mazur/VF15/WireImage)

justin theroux emma stone

Now Jen is out for vengeance after seeing Justin with Emma (Image source: Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Emma has also been accused of stealing roles from other actresses. The source reported Jen saying, “Emma never met a role she couldn’t steal from another actress [most famously ‘La La Land’ from Emma Watson].” They continued to say that Jen feels much the same way about Justin, i.e., that Emma somehow stole him from right under her.

However, they also urged Emma to be careful because Jen is a veteran actress and knows a lot of Hollywood heavyweights. She is also in ‘revenge mode’ and has a large ‘reach’ which she could easily use to mess with Emma’s career. The source also said that this sort of behavior is normal for Jen who acted this way after her split with Brad Pitt as well. “This is a pattern for Jen, never directing the rage or gossip at the guy who left her but instead at the next woman he hooks up with,” said the source.

justin theroux emma stone

Sources say Emma should be careful about messing with Jen (Image Source: Instagram/Emma Stone)

justin theroux emma stone

Jen has a lot of loyal friends in Hollywood who will turn their back on Emma (Image Source: Instagram/Emma Stone)

Justin, on the other hand, knows the full force of Jen’s wrath and has been doing his own part to ensure there are no confirmed statements about him and Emma. When he shared a picture of him and Emma hanging out earlier on, he captioned it carefully, writing, “Save lives! Save lives! Saving lives! Doing the most! Bffffffs. And yes. JUST bfffffs.”

Fans are not inclined to believe it’s a casual romance, though, since the pair was spotted leaving the Met Gala together.

angeline jolie

Jen has attacked Angelina Jolie previously (Image Source: Instagram/Angelina Jolie)

angelina jolie

Her split with Brad Pitt hit her really hard and she lashed out then, too (Image Source: Instagram/Angelina Jolie)

Jen can’t do much while Justin and Emma’s relationship stays casual. However, once they do make it official, if they do, Emma should expect a lot of backlash and friction among her peers. This one might make fans take sides soon enough.

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