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Fans are worried Johnny Depp is ill after new photos of the actor show him looking unrecognizable

by Nayab

Fans are worried after new images of Johnny Depp have emerged online. The ‘Dark Shadows’ actor looks completely unrecognizable and appears to be a shell of his former self.

He looks pale and gaunt; his cheekbones are protruding and he looks very skinny. The 54-year-old actor was in Russia where he performed with his band, The Hollywood Vampires.


Depp looks almost unreognizable! (Image Source: Instagram/Катерина Курта)


He took photos with fans and the Internet freaked out (Image Source: Instagram/Nadya Shestakova)

The shocking images were uploaded by various Russian fans who seem elated to be posing with him. Depp made his appearance in St. Petersburg and had a fun meet and greet with fans right before his band was due to perform. However, the photos spread a serious case of concern among his fans, who started reacting on Twitter.

Some wrote that they hoped it was all for a new movie role, but others crushed those claims, saying Depp is not scheduled to appear in a film that would require him becoming super gaunt and thin. A loyal fan commented, “I think that my hero looks ill.”

Others simply questioned if it was even Depp and not an imposter.

Fans are more worried about his habits than his appearance, however. Last year, Depp appeared on The Graham Norton Show where he also looked different from his former self. On the show, Depp spoke about a prank he pulled at Disneyland; he dressed up as his own character, Captain Jack Sparrow, and pretended to be a statue.


Earlier, his appearance on Graham Norton’s show also sparked concern (Image Source: YouTube)


Fans said he looked stoned (Image Source: YouTube)

The prank didn’t work out quite like he wanted. He stood in the sun and shouted at fans at odd intervals. He would shout in Sparrow’s voice, saying things like, “Oi, what you lookin’ at?” However, he didn’t get many reactions: people just kept walking past him. Depp admitted it was an ‘exhausting’ time and was also a ‘bad idea’.

Fans loved the prank idea but raised concerns about his appearance. They said he looked ‘high’ and ‘stoned’, or even drunk. Users on Twitter wrote things like, “Johnny Depp looking stoned on #GrahamNorton show” among others. More concern came about when some people reported that he was stopped from entering the premiere for Murder on the Orient Express because he was inebriated.


He talked about a fun prank he pulled in Disneyland (Image Source: YouTube)


But it didn’t go as well as he hoped (Image Source: YouTube)

These reports were denied by a source close to the actor who spoke to E!, saying, “Johnny was not drunk at the premiere. He came straight from set to the premiere.” The source said the only reason he had security around him was because they were helping Depp maneuver around the red carpet.

This wasn’t the only incident that made fans concerned about Depp’s alleged substance abuse. Earlier in 2016, Depp’s ex-wife, Amber Heard, got a restraining order against him because she said he was ‘verbally and physically abusive’ towards her. She also provided pictures of herself looking beaten in court. Depp denied all the claims and the couple reached a mutual settlement.


Depp’s ex wife also accused him of abusing her (Image Source: Instagram/Amber Heard)


However, she dropped the claims later and decided to get a settlement (Image Source: Instagram/Amber Heard)

Regardless of all the claims, fans’ most pressing worry is Depp’s current appearance. They hope he reveals a movie in the works or is able to explain his appearance in some way!

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