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John Stamos gives a tour of his $5.8 million Beverly Hills residence

He was joined by his wife and son

by Mahnoor Java

John Stamos gives a tour of his $5.8 million Beverly Hills residence. He was joined by his wife and son.

(Image source: Instagram/ John Stamos)

According to E! News, the Fuller House star is taking fans on a tour of his mini two-bedroom house with his wife Caitlin McHugh and his 14-month old son Billy Stamos. In this week’s Architectural Digest, John Stamos gives a tour of his Spanish-style house, which he had initially purchased as a bachelor in 2005.


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Thank you Architectural Digest @archdigest for coming to visit our home. What a fun afternoon. And its for sale! – (Dumbo not included) Special thanks to: @chrisbarrettdesign 📸: @yerinmok Writer: @elizabethquinnbrown @barrypeele @sir.socal

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Going back to how it all began

Stamos told Architectural Digest (AD), “This place is more “me” than any other house that I’ve lived in. Starting with the bones of it, which are grounded and old-school. I was able to start as a bachelor and, then, marriage and the kid. I even got married on the property, so it just represents a lot of changes throughout my life.”

Image Source:Instagram/Caitlin McHugh Stamos

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Stamos continued, “It started out as a party house, and then I straightened my act out and it became healing. And then, all of a sudden, Caitlin came into my life, and that was joyous and it took a turn there.”

The Stamos residence features a country like interior, with pictures of Disneyland archives displayed in all of the rooms.

Image Source: Instagram/Caitlin McHugh Stamos

Chris Barrett, Stamos’s interior designer told AD, “John added the stone to the fireplace wall and we took it from there. Knowing he loves old Hollywood and, of course, Disneyland gave us a starting point

Barrett added, “I knew we needed to add a bit of humor whenever we could. We added small moments here and there. Our mission was to create a feeling of comfort and approachability.”

(Image Source: Instagram/Caitlin McHugh Stamos)

Stamos said, “Caitlin and I flew to New Orleans, where we discovered the decorative slats.”

Furthermore, Stamos elaborated, “They were from some barn in Italy and they were painted just beautifully. It was raining and we were running in the rain between antique shops. It was a really happy memory, and it was just really nice to bring them into our home.”

(Image Source: Instagram/Caitlin McHugh Stamos)

The residence features a swimming pool overlooking views of Los Angeles.

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