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Video from 'Total Bellas' shows John Cena and Nikki Bella's breakup
The John Cena Nikki Bella breakup left many upset. The couple split because they had different views on parenthood. Now, in an episode preview of Total Bellas, it has been revealed that their breakup was filmed, and it is absolutely heartbreaking.

Nikki Bella and John Cena confirmed on April 15 that they had split up and had called off their wedding, which was to take place on May 5. Now, a clip from an upcoming episode of Total Bellas – reality TV show based on the Bella sisters’ lives – has revealed the exact moment they broke up, and why they did. 

WWE Total Divas revealed the preview clip of Total Bellas’ upcoming episode, showing the wedding preparations followed by the breakup. In the beginning, the clip shows Nikki placing hers and John’s action figures on the wedding cake. It then goes on to show her trying on a wedding dress for her big day.

john cena nikki bella breakup

The video shows the wedding preparations, and how the sisters always ‘crush’ whatever they do. (Image source: YouTube/WWE Total Divas)

john cena nikki bella breakup

Nikki tried on the wedding dress, looking absolutely beautiful. (Image source: YouTube)

The next scene shows Nikki and John sharing an intense, sentimental moment. This turns out to be their breakup.

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john cena nikki bella breakup

The two look devastated as they discuss their differences. (Image source: YouTube)

The two are seen tearful as they discuss their one major disagreement: having children. It appears Nikki is keen to experience motherhood and while John does not want to have children, he also doesn’t want to deprive Nikki of motherhood.

He says, “I will never force you not to be a mom.”

Nikki, with tears streaming down her face, responds she can’t pretend to be okay with the idea of never becoming a mother.

john cena nikki bella breakup

Nikki cries as she says she can not sacrifice motherhood.  (Image source: YouTube)

john cena nikki bella breakup

John tells her he would never deprive her of something she wants. (Image source: YouTube)

john cena nikki bella breakup

Nikki agrees that this is something they differ on. (Image source: YouTube)

She reveals she thought she could make the sacrifice but she can not. She wipes her tears as she says, “I thought I could really sacrifice that, but I just can’t.” 

The heartbreaking clip starts with a happy, positive vibe with Nikki excited about being a bride, and ends with her crying as the couple splits.

Watch the full video here:

It is obvious that the couple, who were together for six years, realized they were on different pages in their relationship and could not make any more compromises to make it work. In the clip, the 40-year-old wrestler decides for the two of them that the wedding needs to be called off. He says, “I’m not sure we should go through with this.”

WWE’s Twitter account also shared the clip. While some fans were heartbroken, others seemed to think this was the best decision.

The couple were supposed to get married on May 5 but called their wedding off. After the split, 34-year-old Nikki went MIA to take a break and recover from her heartbreak. She has been living with her twin sister, Brie.

She posted a video on her YouTube channel, explaining that she was hiding out for the ‘obvious reasons’ everyone already knows about. She thanked her fans for being there during her hard times and that she really appreciated it. She said, “I’ve been staying at Brie’s. I know you all know why. I’ve kinda been MIA.”

“I’ve kinda been hiding out. I wanted to reach out to you all and thank you all for your love and support, I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to me, especially through a difficult time,” she added.

john cena nikki bella breakup

Nikki loves children, while John doesn’t want to have any. (Image source: Instagram/Nikki Bella)

john cena nikki bella breakup

They were together for six years. (Image source: Instagram/Nikki Bella)

john cena nikki bella breakup

John proposed to Nikki on the WWE stage. (Image source: Instagram/Nikki Bella)

On what was supposed to be their wedding day, May 5, both the stars also individually posted cryptic messages on their social media, making it clear they are both struggling with moving on.

The complete episode of Total Bellas releases on May 20.


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