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Joaquin Phoenix lost 52 pounds to play the role of Joker
Joaquin Phoenix is starring in Warner Bros' upcoming movie Joker, and director Todd Phillips said the actor lost 52 pounds to get into the role.

Joaquin Phoenix is starring in Warner Bros’ upcoming movie Joker, and director Todd Phillips said the actor lost 52 pounds to get into the role.

Joaquin Phoenix 52 pounds Joker
(Image source: Warner Bros)

Joker‘s director Todd Phillips talked to Los Angeles Times about the movie. He revealed that he is aiming to make the Joker’s origin story very realistic in his upcoming movie.

He told LA Times, “All I can do is approach the character the way I do and that’s it. I just tried to do something that we felt was honest and unique. However you guys want to talk about it, knock yourself out.”

He added, “It really came from this idea: What if you just did a comic-book movie differently? We all grew up on these character studies, and they’re few and far between nowadays. So it was like, ‘Let’s do a deep dive on one of these guys in a real way.’ No one is going to fly in it. No buildings are going to collapse. It’s just going to be on the ground, so to speak.”


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Joaquin Phoenix 52 pounds Joker
(Source: C Flanigan/FilmMagic)

The trailer for the movie shows Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck living in Gotham City in the 1980s. In one scene, Phoenix is hunched over on a bench with his backbone showing through his skin. In another skin, Phoenix is standing in a living room with his ribs visible.

According to Phillips, Phoenix said about the weight loss, “That’s really the only thing that’s worthwhile; the other thing is connect-the-dots and paint-by-numbers, and who the [heck] cares about that?. There are certain areas of the character that frankly still aren’t clear to me, and I’m fine with that. There’s something enjoyable about not having to answer a lot of those questions. It requires a certain amount of participation from the audience that feels different.”

Costar Zazie Beetz revealed that filming reshoots was nearly impossible due to the weight loss. She told MTV News, “We had to do everything then because Joaquin had lost so much weight that we couldn’t do reshoots later on so we were figuring it out.”

(Source: Francois Durand/Getty Images)

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Joker is releasing on October 4.


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