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After one year of marriage, Jim Parsons thinks it’s strange to be part of a gay couple at his age

by Asfa

In an appearance on The Ellen Show earlier today, Jim Parsons talked about how strange it is to be part of a gay couple at his age. Parsons is married to Todd Spiewak.

Jim Parsons Ellen

Jim Parsons said it feels weird to be in a gay couple at this age. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

Jim Parsons Ellen

Parons has been married for over one year now. (Image source: Instagram/Jim Parsons)

Parsons has been with the art director for 16 years now. The couple waited for 15 years after they met to get married. Parsons said earlier that having been with Spiewak for that long, the couple did not understand the value of marriage and did not feel the need to legalize their relationship. They finally did decide to go through with the ceremony, though, and got married on May 13, 2017.

Jim Parsons Ellen

Parsons and his husband got married in May 2017. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

Jim Parsons Ellen

He admitted it is strange that he celebrated a one year anniversary. (Image source: Instagram/Jim Parsons)

In the interview, Ellen asked Parsons how it felt now that he had crossed his one year anniversary. Parsons explained that he found it extremely weird that his relationship with his husband was only a year old on paper, because the couple have been together for so much longer.

Jim Parsons Ellen

Parsons and Spiewak just celebrated their first year anniversary. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

He said, “It’s such a weird thing being a gay couple, well, at my age. You couldn’t get married and so now this is our 16th year together but it’s our first year.”

He also said he did not like the fact that he had to revert back to paper in the list of anniversary presents. “That’s bull***t. I want gold,” he said, referencing the fact that the couple have actually been together for much longer and giving each other paper seems a thing of the past.

Jim Parsons Ellen

He said he feels he’s been married much longer. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

Ellen then shared her own experiences on the subject, saying she finds a similar confusion in her relationship with her wife, Portia DeRossi. The couple have been together for 13 years and have been married for almost 10 of them. Although the scale of difference is much lesser than Parsons, Ellen said she feels in her mind that she has been married much longer than she actually has.

Jim Parsons Ellen

Ellen shared a similar experience in her marriage with Portia DeRossi. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

Jim Parsons Ellen

Ellen has been married to Portia for ten years. (Image source: Instagram/The Ellen Show)

Both Parsons and Ellen reflected on how they lost track of time in their respective relationships. When Ellen said that she had been married for almost 10 years, Parsons said, “Wow, I didn’t realize it’s been that long.”

Ellen replied, “I know. I didn’t either. It moves along.”

Parsons said, “God, time does fly when you’re having fun.”

Jim Parsons Ellen

The pair recently took a trip to Africa together. (Image source: Instagram/The Ellen Show)

Jim Parsons Ellen

Jim Parsons says he can’t believe he’s been with his partner for so long. (Image source: YouTube/The Ellen Show)

Watch the full video below:

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