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Jet Li’s recent photo shows him looking frail and thin, has fans worried about his health

by Nayab

Jet Li’s fans are worried about his health; a photo of the legendary actor went viral last week, showing him posing with an excited fan in Tibet. What was shocking was his frail and weak physical appearance. He looked completely unrecognizable!


Li looks extremely frail and weak in the new photo. (Image source: HK01)


His fans are worried about his health. (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)

The martial arts star didn’t seem like himself and fans all over the world are concerned. However, his manager then released a statement in which he urged fans not to worry, and reassured them that his client was perfectly healthy. Steven Chasman spoke to Washington Post, saying, “He has hyperthyroidism that he’s been dealing with for almost 10 years.”

He insisted that it was just a ‘bad photo’ of someone who is now 55 years old.


Jet Li is not the same robust man he was. (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)


He looks frail and thin in the latest image. (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)

Chasman repeatedly denied any claims that said Jet Li was indulging in substance abuse or was embroiled in some other serious problem. He plainly said that hyperthyroidism is not a life threatening disease but it does affect one’s appearance massively, and that the classic actor is dealing with it as best he can. Otherwise, Chasman stressed, ‘he’s in great shape’.


He revealed he suffers from two conditions in 2013 (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)


He has a condition called hyperthyroidism (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)


He also suffers from a spinal issue (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)

He further added that Jet Li appreciates the concern he has been receiving but he is completely fine, so fans can put their worries aside. He asserted that the actor is ‘completely fine’ and everyone should move on from the one bad photo. However, the photo led fans to an earlier interview in which the martial arts expert had talked about his condition.

He gave the interview in 2013, explaining that hyperthyroidism affects his thyroid gland, which overactively produces too much thyroxine, a key hormone. Because of this, Jet Li suffers from fluctuating weight and has been advised against frequent exercising. Think of it as someone with a faster than normal metabolism.


He has been busy recently though. (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)


His manager spoke out, saying Jet Li’s health is fine. (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)

One fan posted on Twitter, reacting to the picture. They wrote, “So, apparently, Jet Li is suffering from ‘hyperthyroidism and spinal problems’ and this is him now.”

What worried this user and other fans was the fact that Jet Li looked way too different from a video he posted just in December 2017. In the video, he wished all his fans a very happy new year. He looked healthy and happy and certainly didn’t resemble the recent gaunt, hollow-cheeked version of himself.


Though he looks different, he is apparently doing well. (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)


His manager urged his fans not to worry about him. (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)

Fans are right to be worried; Jet Li is one of the most distinguished and talented martial arts practitioners and actors in the industry. If anything happens to him, it would leave everyone shaken. Jet Li has charmed people worldwide, from Hollywood to the White House. In fact, he traveled to the US when he was just 11 years old to meek President Nixon on an official visit.

The young boy was already becoming an expert in the Wushu style of Chinese martial arts. He was a part of the Chinese National Wushu Team. It was quite an honor for little Jet Li to be picked, considering about 20 million people in China practice the art actively. When he met Nixon, he was asked to demonstrate his moves, which he did flawlessly.

Once he was done, he met then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and then President Nixon. Reportedly, Nixon leaned in to him and said, “Young man, your Kung Fu is very impressive! How about being my bodyguard when you grow up?” To this, the young boy replied he didn’t want to protect just one man; he wanted to protect all of China’s citizens!


Jet Li is a specialist in the Wushu style of martial arts. (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)


He is a classic actor as well. (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)


His loyal fans are hoping he will stay healthy! (Image Source: Instagram/Jet Li)

Jet Li then went on to hold the title for the National Martial Arts champion, an accolade he would have for five years. Whether on or off screen, he has showed a deep commitment to his art and to Hollywood.

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