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Jessica Simpson gets criticized over her parenting for throwing her son into a pool while he has a cast over a broken arm

by Asfa

Jessica Simpson has come under fire on social media from critics who feel she is not as cognizant of the safety of her children as she should be.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was criticized for being an irresponsible parent. (Image source: Instagram/Jessica Simpson)

Simpson recently posted a video of her husband, Eric Johnson, tossing her son Ace into a pool. Her son recently broke his arm and is wearing a cast in the video. Simpson captioned the video, “A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast #ACEKNUTE.

Jessica Simpson

She posted a video of her son being tossed in the pool with a cast. (Image source: Instagram/Jessica Simpson)

Followers of the 37 year old mother immediately jumped on her case about not being protective enough.

Casts are not 100% waterproof,” one fan reminded Simpson.

Another follower shared a personal anecdote, saying, “my son broke 2 bones in his elbow and required surgery. He was given no restrictions. Except he couldn’t swim bc of surgery he was unable to get a waterproof cast (sic).

Jessica Simpson

Her followers immediately said it was unsafe. (Image source: Instagram/Jessica Simpson)

Another one said, “I’m sure he will see at his next appointment how fast it is healing! And quite possibly need to be casted much longer as a result. This just seems like common sense to anyone with a brain. This is incredibly stupid!

Is that how he broke it to begin with?” another follower asked.

This doesn’t seem very smart to me but then again I know the difference between chicken and tuna….” another one admitted defeat in the middle of the criticism of Simpson’s parenting.

Jessica Simpson

Several posted comments taunting Simpson for her parenting style. (Image source: Instagram/Jessica Simpson)

Many others also rose to her defense and explained that throwing their son in the water was not necessarily harming him.

One fan became very vocal in defending Simpson against shamers, asking, “It’s so weird, those of you saying this is a bad idea…are you the doctor taking care of her kid? Are you the doctor telling her what restrictions he needs to have? Do you know how bad the break is? Do you pay her bills? Jesus. Congrats on being a nurse or in ortho, still doesn’t make you an expert because guess what, he’s not your patient or your child (sic).”

Jessica Simpson

Several others also defended her. (Image source: Instagram/Jessica Simpson)

His restrictions would depend on the type of fracture that he has. Also different doctors may have different ideas of what they want their patient doing. All these people in here that must have seen the X-ray personally and went to medical school (sic),” another said in exasperation.

Jessica Simpson

Many said that people were being too harsh when they did not know the extent of the injury. (Image source: Instagram/Jessica Simpson)

People should try being the parent of a young rambunctious little boy. There is no holding them back. This kid should not be deprived of summer because he broke his arm. I’m a nurse and it’s perfectly OK,” yet another shared.

Jessica Simpson

Others even spoke up on Simpson’s behalf from medical perspectives. (Image source: Instagram/Jessica Simpson)

Simpson updated her followers of Ace’s broken arm on June 20. Alongside the picture, she wrote, “This kid is breaking more than hearts these days #FirstBrokenBone #ICriedMoreThanHeDid #ACEKNUTE.”

Jessica Simpson

Simpson previously updated fans about her sons broken arm on Instagram. (Image source: Instagram/Jessica Simpson)

Ace Knute Johnson is 4 years old. Jessica Simpson also has a 6 year old daughter named Maxwell Drew Johnson.

Watch the full video below.

A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast #ACEKNUTE

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