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Jake Gyllenhaal left flustered while answering Ellen's 'Burning Questions'
Jake Gyllenhaal left flustered while answering 'Burning Questions' on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and reveals the sexiest Avenger.

Jake Gyllenhaal left flustered while answering ‘Burning Questions’ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Jake Gyllenhaal on 'Burning Questions'

(Image source: Instagram/ Spider-Man: Far From Home)

The actor recently came on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He also revealed many interesting details about himself to Ellen.

Jake Gyllenhaal on ‘Burning Questions’

During her popular segment Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’, Ellen asked the upcoming movie Spider-Man: Far From Home’s actor many questions including, “What do you wear to bed?” to which the 38-year-old revealed he wore ‘nothing’. she also asked “Boxer’s or briefs?” and Jake Gyllenhaal plainly replied “briefs” as he followed along the rule Ellen told him which was to press the buzzer after the question is answered. However, one question seemed to have left the actor nervous.

Jake Gyllenhaal on 'Burning Questions'

(Image source: Facebook/Nightcrawler Movie)

Gyllenhaal became flustered

As the game progressed Ellen asked, “What is your favorite body part?” Confused, Gyllenhaal asked DeGeneres “On a person?” to which Ellen sarcastically joked that she meant a ‘kangaroo’. “It’s obviously the pouch,” the actor replied as Ellen and the audience laughed. After she clarified that she’s asking about his favorite body part on a person, Jake started to think and revealed: “I really like, like a…the back of a woman’s neck.” As he noticed Ellen’s confusion to why he was pointing at his collar bone he said, “It’s just weird! It’s a weird question. It’s a weird question, it’s confusing.”


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Jake Gyllenhaal on 'Burning Questions' ellen

(Image source: Facebook/Jake Gyllenhaal )

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DeGeneres said as she calmed Jake down “It’s only weird if you make it weird. The nape of the neck, I see.” Gyllenhaal agreed, “The nape of a neck, that’s right, I couldn’t think of ‘nape’.”

“Who is the sexiest Avenger?”

Moreover, when asked about who he thinks is the sexiest Avenger, Jake replied with Spiderman. However, after Ellen described the audience reaction as “a smattering of applause” Jake gave a different answer for the question, he said “Thor?” The audience seemed to like his second answer, as they lively applaud.

Watch the video below:

“What Celebrity can you do an impression of “

He replied, “Harrison Ford in ‘The Fugitive’” and then proved it by setting a scene from the movie and impersonating Ford effortlessly. Later, Harrison appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show as well and Ellen told him about Jake’s impersonation of the 76-year-old. Gyllenhaal seemed ecstatic as he took to Instagram to express how he felt about his favorite movie’s star reacting to the impression.

He said, “I’ve watched The Fugitive 1,000 times since I was a kid. Watching Harrison Ford watching me do Richard Kimble is a dream come true.” he added  If I could write a letter to me at 12 years old…”

The actor plays Mysterio in the new movie Spider-Man: Far From Home.


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