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Hilary Duff baby bump: Singer shows off pregnant belly while out on a hike
Hilary Duff just posted the first photos of her baby bump. In a recent interview, the star revealed just how anxious she was to have a baby girl.

Hilary Duff just posted the first photos of her baby bump. In a recent interview, the star revealed just how anxious she was to have a baby girl. Her son Luca has some interesting name choices for the new baby.

Hilary Duff baby bump

Hilary Duff really wanted a baby girl. (Image source: Instagram/Hilary Duff)

Hilary and Matthew went on a hike, and she proudly showed off her baby bump in selfies posted on her Instagram story.

Hilary Duff baby bump

She showed off her bump in a selfie. (Image source: Instagram/Hilary Duff)

hilary duff baby bump

The two looked delighted. (Image source: Instagram/Hilary Duff)

Duff announced her pregnancy on June 9 with a post on Instagram. The news came around 7 months after she and her boyfriend, Matthew Koma, got back together. She wrote, “Guess what guys! [Mtthew] and I made a little princess of our own and we couldn’t be more excited!

Her boyfriend also commented on the picture, saying, “We made a baby girl! She will be as beautiful and sweet as her mother [Hilary]. Another incredible chapter begins.”


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Hilary Duff baby bump

She is having a daughter with Matthew Koma. (Image source: Instagram/Hilary Duff)

Hilary Duff

She already has a 6 year old son. (Image source: Instagram/Hilary Duff)

On Tuesday, in an On Air conversation with Ryan Seacrest, the actress said she really wanted to have a daughter. She already has a 6 year old son named Luca Cruz with former husband, Mike Comrie. She said, “I was so nervous beforehand because I thought for sure I was going to have a boy. I have a boy already, which would’ve been great and I’m obsessed with Luca, but I don’t know, I just wanted one of each. It was funny that I cared so much.

Hilary Duff

She said she thought she was going to have a boy. (Image source: Instagram/Hilary Duff)

She added that after so many years of buying stuff for her son, Luca, she was ready to start shopping for her daughter. She said, “My sister has girls and I feel like I’m really girly. But for the past six years I’ve bought monsters and trucks and planes and Luca’s into all the boy stuff, so everything’s blue and green and I was just ready for pink and purple stuff.”

Hilary Duff

Her son is into all the ‘boy things’. (Image source: Instagram/Hilary Duff)

She also talked a little about her gender reveal party, which was held on Mother’s Day. Duff revealed that although the whole thing was kind of ‘childish’, it was still very exciting. She added, “It was the most fun day. We had close family and friends over and you have to talk to [the] doctor [before] and then the doctor gives you the results … we ordered these really cute confetti cannons on Etsy. They look like smoke, but it’s powder and then some confetti. You twist them and you all stand there at the same time.

Hilary Duff

Her gender reveal party was on Mothers Day. (Image source: Instagram/Hilary Duff)

In a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Cordon, Duff also talked about picking names for her daughter. She said her son is beyond adamant on naming the new baby ‘Cofant Croissant’. She explained, “There would be no confusion. And when I just refer to it as ‘Cofant’ and I’m like, ‘That would be so cool, no one at school’s going to be named Cofant.’ He’s like ‘Croissant. Cofant Croissant. It goes together. There’s no separating the two.'” 

“It’s concerning,” she added. “I think he has pretty good taste. It’s pretty strong, right?

Hilary Duff

Her son wants to name her daughter Cofant Croissant. (Image source: Instagram/Hilary Duff)

She also explained that while her son was hesitant about the addition to the family at the start, he is now fully on board and even making up pregnancy details for his friends. She said, “He told his friend at school the other day that he’s having a sister that’s part red-butt monkey. So we’ll see! It’ll be a first. That’ll be really cool.

Hilary Duff

Luca is now very excited to have a baby sister. (Image source: Instagram/Hilary Duff)

Watch the full interview below:

Hilary and Matthew broke up twice before settling down to start a family.


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