Harry Potter star's brother, Ben Haddon-Cave & friend found dead
Harry Potter star, Jessie Cave's brother, Ben Haddon-Cave and friend pronounced dead after being electrocuted in drunk train surfing at night.

Harry Potter star, Jessie Cave’s brother, Ben Haddon-Cave and friend pronounced dead after being electrocuted in drunk train surfing at night.

(Image source: Instagram/ Jessie Cave)

Two friends, Paddy Bolster and Ben Haddon-Cave were found dead this year on March 21st. They were found on the Overground between Hackney Wick and Stratford.

Cave, 27, and Bolster, 26, had been out drinking with a larger crowd including Jamie Cave. The group reportedly headed back to Ben’s apartment in Clerkenwell.

CCTV footage surfaced showed the two friends walking towards a place close to a brewery. They apparently got on a train tracks using a hole in a fence nearby.


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Coronor Mary Hassell revealed in Poplar Coroners’ Court the location of Ben and Paddy’s death. Paddy had passed away close to Stratford railway station while Ben died on track next to Hackney Wick railway station.

Harry Potter Ben Haddon-Cave dead
(Image source: Facebook/ Ben Cave)

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The coroner explained that the, “Death will have occurred immediately because of high voltage electrocution and from there Ben’s body and clothing will have caught fire.”

Hassel also shared that Paddy most likely died from the head trauma, while electrocution played some part in his death as well. “There were burns to the upper part of Paddy’s body consistent with high-voltage thermal trauma.”

“This trauma was probably caused when falling from the train. It is less likely that electrocution was the primary cause of death,” Hassel said.

In addition, a pathologist stated that Ben’s remains showed, “severe intoxication or extreme drunkenness” while a toxicologist stated, Paddy’s blood alcohol levels “associated with extreme intoxication”

His girlfriend, Sunita Edirisooriya expressed, “He cared a lot about making people feel special. I wish that I had gone to London with him. We spoke about our future life and future children, we even knew what song we would dance to at our wedding.”

Moreover, Ben’s family released a statement after his death. They stated, “The very last thing he said to Jamie, who was also at the gig but had to leave early, was he loved him – something he would often say to all of us.

They explained, “In our view, stepping onto that freight train that night was an out of character decision. We believe that he has been depicted as some sort of reckless train surfer but that could not be further from the truth.”

Ben was close to securing a “lead role in an upcoming short film” before his death.

“He was a profoundly talented and creative mind,” his family concluded. One of Ben’s sister, Jessie played the role of Lavender Brown in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Brown’s character was based on Ron Weasley’s love interest.

Harry Potter Ben Haddon-Cave dead train
(Image source: Facebook/ Ben Cave)

RIP Paddy Bolster and Ben Haddon-Cave.


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