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Gina Rodriguez confirms the news of her engagement with boyfriend Joe LoCicero

by Saman Zahid

Wedding bells are ringin’ for Gina Rodriguez and Joe LoCicero!

The Jane The Virgin actress has confirmed to E! News that she is engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Joe LoCicero. “Oh, I’m stuck with that man for life, he made that so,” expressed Gina, as she settled the speculations about her engagement which had come up since her birthday.

Gina Rodriguez engaged

Gina Rodriguez on her 30th birthday in Mexico, wearing her engagement ring (Image source: Instagram/Gina Rodriguez)

While Gina confirmed the news of her engagement with conviction, she did not want to spill the details of how the actor and model LoCicero proposed to her.

“That I’m gonna keep to myself, that I don’t think I’m gonna ever share that,” Gina said. “Because there’s only so many things that you get to own when you become a public figure, because it’s the blessing and the curse of it, you know? The blessing is that you get to do what you love every day and you have so many incredible people supporting you. But then the little curse is that nothing’s a secret anymore, you don’t get to hold anything to yourself. So I’m gonna hold that one for as long as I can.” 

Gina Rodriguez engaged

Joe LoCicero: “Happy Birthday my Love!” (Image source: Instagram/Joe LoCicero)

Gina also talked about how she has not started planning her wedding yet, and mentioned that she is pretty ‘far away’from that. She said, “Maybe in-between this movie and that movie, maybe we can get married then?”

The two adorable lovebirds met for the first time in 2016, when Joe appeared as a stripper on Jane The Virgin.

“We met on Jane and then six months later we saw each other in the gym,” Rodriguez mentioned on Live With Kelly and Ryan in May 2017. “It was serendipitous!” The couple made their red carpet debut in Nov. 2016 at Marie Claire‘s first annual Young Women’s Honors gala, which Rodriguez hosted.

Gina Rodriguez fiance

The couple did not spill details about the proposal. (Image source: Instagram/Gina Rodriguez)

In February 2018, Rodriguez opened up about love in an interview with Self. “[He] has really helped me have a healthier perspective on [weight], that stupid number that can destroy us and feel like it’s equivalent to our self-worth,” she explained. “This love is so easy,” she added, saying her relationship with LoCicero is one that is full of “respect and kindness, and generosity, and compromise, and sacrifice.”

Gina Rodriguez engaged

“This love is so easy.” (Image source: Instagram/Gina Rodriguez)

The two have been a solid couple for the past two years, and Gina can hardly conceal her excitement over marrying the love of her life. During an interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday, the 34-year-old shared how she feels about marriage:

“I never was the girl that dreamt about my wedding. “I did always pray that I would meet a really cool partner, whether it was going to be male or female, that I was going to have somebody that was going to uplift me and support me and want me to shine and not want to take away from that but want to shine as well in their own right and I found it in Joe, and I found it on the set of ‘Jane.’”

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