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George Clooney's motorbike crash made Grant Heslov swear off bikes
Grant Heslov promised himself that he would never ride a motorbike again if George Clooney's motorbike crash in 2018 had killed him.


Grant Heslov promised to never ride a motorbike again if George Clooney’s motorbike crash  in 2018 had killed him.

George Clooney's motorbike crash

(Image source: Instagram/ Catch-22)

Last year, Clooney was in Sardinia for the shooting of Catch-22, where he had a scary motorbike crash. At the time, Clooney was with his production partner Grant Heslov and was going 70 miles an hour. Clooney recoverd just fine after the crash. However, Grant Heslov reveals that he thought his friend was going to die in his hands.

George Clooney’s motorbike crash

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Heslov said, I was holding him as we were waiting for the ambulance, I said to myself, ‘If he lives, I’ll never ride a motorcycle again.'”


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George Clooney's motorbike crash

(Image source: Instagram/ The Hollywood Reporter)

Clooney also chimed in to reveal the extent of the accident. He said, “It split my helmet in half, it knocked me out of my shoes. I was hit hard. I was just waiting for the switch to turn off because I broke his windshield with my head, and I thought, ‘OK, well, that’s my neck.’ If you get nine lives, I got all of them used up at once — so I can let go of motorcycle riding for a while.”

In addition, Clooney said, “It got both Grant and me, after 40 years of riding together, off of motorcycles for good. I had to quit. It was bad. I hit [a car] at 70 miles an hour.”

Clooney also previously addressed his accident while on The Ellen Show. Watch what he had to say right here:

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During the interview, Clooney also talked about the relevance of Catch-22 in today’s day and age, saying, “Absurdity is really the key to this whole thing. The minute we think that there’s anything normal about old men usually making decisions and young people dying, we have a problem. And it’s so important to remember that.”

Clooney and the Hulu team also talked about how Catch-22 is not an easy adaptation to make. Heslov said, “It wasn’t so much the past adaptations; it’s just that it’s a revered book by many, so you just want to do it justice.”

In addition, Clooney said, “The process itself is tricky because you’re always going to be held up against a novel that’s beloved. So you’re always going to be playing defense in a way. We thought, ‘Let’s just take a big swing and let’s see how bad we can screw it up.'”

George Clooney's motorbike crash

(Image source: Instagram/ Catch-22)

The first episode of Catch-22 aired on Hulu on May 17.


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