Game of Thrones star Laura Pradelska called a "transgender w***e"
Game of Thrones star Laura Pradelska revealed that she was called a 'transgender w***e' and 'ugly' by four women while shopping at a ZARA store in London.

Game of Thrones star Laura Pradelska revealed that she was called a “transgender w***e” and “ugly” by four women while shopping at a ZARA store in London.

Laura Pradelska
(Image Source: Instagram/ Laura Pradelska)

Game of Thrones star Laura Pradelska

Laura Pradelski took to Twitter to reveal that she faced “vile racial abuse” by four women while shopping at ZARA. She was trying to defend another customer who was being abused. However, the women started attacking her instead, calling Pradelski a “transgender w***e”.

The actress posted her rant on Twitter. Se wrote, “So I NEVER rant on Social Media, but I’ve just witness the worst behaviour @ZARA Oxford street.”

laura abuse
(Image Source: Instagram/ Laura Pradelska)

She continued, “4 Women jumped the queue, a kind lady behind me politely asked them not to, at which point they startled shouting the worst abuse at her, I told them to calm down, they then…”


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Pradelski wrote further, “verbally attacked me with vile racial abuse, whilst one of the Women continued to scream in my face that I’m a TRANSGENDER whore – completely insignificant wether I am trans or not but I’d hope @ZARA would NEVER tolerate this behaviour. The women should’ve been kicked out!”

 Laura Pradelski starred as ‘Quaithe’ in the show Game of Thrones. Her character was a shadow binder who meets Daenerys Targaryen and also Jorah Mormont in Qarth.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Laura Pradelska)

Online abuse

She spoke to Daily Mail about her experience. “I just had to rant and let Zara know on a public platform. In 30 years I’ve never seen that in my entire life,” Pradelski stated. “It was just bizarre, I’m completely used to online abuse but I’ve never had it in person, not in such a horrific way if I’m honest.”

The actress also talked about receiving hate online saying, “It’s usually people hiding behind keyboards, I’ve just disabled my comments on Instagram… I just hadn’t ever experienced it in person or this level.”

laura game of thrones
(Image Source: Instagram/ Laura Pradelska)

“If you see customers being abused, would you politely ask them to leave,” Laura said regarding wanting the store to action.   

Laura was trying to defend an older woman when the verbal abuse happened. “It wasn’t the finest thing to do but it wasn’t the end of the world either,” she revealed. “There was an older lady behind me, a lovely lady, she just said: “I’m not feeling too well, are you going to have more people come in and just pay, or are you all paying together?”

(Image Source: Instagram/ Laura Pradelska)

She reiterated her horrible experience to the news outlet. “The next thing I heard was, something that I can’t actually repeat the word, it was the most elder, abusive, disgusting, screaming, talking about vile words. How she was an “ugly old b***h”. It was horrible and all she said was “are you paying together, I’m not feeling very well.”‘   

“That’s when it all kicked off. For some reason, they thought I am transgender, which is fine. I have a lot of transgender friends,” Laura said. “It was just for them, I think, to say something “really horrible” in their mind, which isn’t a horrible thing to me at all. It’s a very natural human thing.”

Image Source: Instagram/ Laura Pradelska)

“So the woman turned around and just screamed “I’m a transgender w***e and I shouldn’t belong in this world. I’m ugly and she doesn’t know where I come from but wherever it is, I should get the f**k back.” It was just horrendous. It was quite a few of them, it got worse and worse and people got involved.”

Also attacked with racist remarks

Pradelski was disgusted with the “racist” remarks. Saying, “Calling me a w***e, what, I’m married? How ugly I am, I’m probably not from here, wherever I was from, I should get the f**k back. They kept saying where are you from, were are you from, you’re clearly not from here, you should get the f**k back.”

laura pradelska
Image Source: Instagram/ Laura Pradelska)

The actress also revealed that she wants people to take a stand against such abuse. Stating further, “Calling someone ugly, that’s the worst. I’ve been called ugly before, but maybe someone else hasn’t or has just come out, you just don’t know.”

She continued further, “I want to see where it goes now, I don’t want anyone to lose their job. But maybe they can review their general rules that abuse is not tolerated amongst our customers as it is not tolerated to staff.”

Image Source: Instagram/ Laura Pradelska)

“It wasn’t OK,” she further added. “We will see what they say, I don’t want anyone fired over this by any means. The girls there were shocked and the security guard in their defence. I doubt this happens a lot, or ever, I think no one really knew what to do.”

“I love the store and I think the girls who worked there, and security, genuinely didn’t know how to handle it. If you hear any racial abuse, anything, you just politely take people aside,” Laura finally concluded.

laura GOT
Image Source: Instagram/ Laura Pradelska)

ZARA replied to Laura’s post on Twitter asking her to file an official complaint.


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