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Fergie divorces Josh Duhamel after 8 years of marriage, making their separation permanent

The couple share a son from their marriage together

by Mahnoor Java

Fergie divorces Josh Duhamel after 8 years of marriage, making their separation permanent. The couple share a son from their marriage together. 

Fergie divorces Josh Duhamel

(Image source: Instagram/ Josh Duhamel)

According to DailymailFergie and Josh Duhamel had been separated since 2017 but the two are now finalizing their relationship and separating for good. TMZ reported that the former Black Eyed Peas member Fergie files for divorce from her husband Josh Duhamel on Friday.

Younger women?

On Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast last year, Josh stated that he’s still looking to expand his family. A source told Dailymail, “In recent days, Josh has become more brazen about stepping out with other (much younger) women.” Additionally, the actor was recently seen having dinner with 2016’s Miss World America.


(Image Source: Instagram/ Josh Duhamel)

Wants more kids

The actor said on Armchair Expert, “I’m not 30 years old anymore, I’m 45. I want to have more kids now, or in the next few years, so it’s more about finding someone young enough to have kids. It’s not as if I’m just out there trying to f*** anything, that’s really not who I am. I’m not like that.” Additionally, he said, “I’m trying to find a girl who I can be with and have a family with, you know.”

Axl Jack

(Image Source: Instagram/ Fergie)

Fergie and Duhamel have a five-year-old Axl Jack, and they have decided to coparent him as they take the next step in their relationship. The two have also decided that despite splitting, they will spend time together for their son’s sake and go on sledding trips. Coparenting is the first priority for both of them.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Fergie)

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Fergie and Josh first started dating in 2004. In 2007, they were engaged and had tied the knot by 2009.

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