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Fans are judging Kim Kardashian’s parenting skills on Twitter after seeing Psalm West’s first picture

The photo was discussed with a Pediatrician

by Yumna Afzal

Kim Kardashian revealed the first picture of her newborn son, Psalm West on May 17th via Twitter. The mother of four was quick to receive serious backlash on her mothering after fans carefully noticed how baby Psalm West was pictured in a crib.

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Kim Kardashian was criticized on her Mothering skills after she posted a picture of her new born baby son on Twitter. (Image source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)


When Kim first posted the picture, most of the initial reactions  were about the name choice for the baby.  As with her other children’s names, it was pretty unique.

However, some eagle-eyed fans quickly pointed out that baby Psalm was placed into the crib in a way that newborn babies must never be placed. They noted that Psalm was lying on his back surrounded with blankets and bumpers.  Fans immediately accused Kim of having deliberately placed baby Psalm in that position just for the ‘sake of a photo’.

An ER doctor  also commented on Kim’s Twitter post expressing his concern. He noted that he’s seen too many instances of improper sleep settings which is harmful to babies.


Dr. Lana agreed that babies must never be put into a crib the way baby Psalm was. (Image source: Facebook/Lana Gagin)

She explained, “Soft objects can create air pockets that make it hard for the baby to breathe. Over 3,000 babies die annually from sleep-related causes, including but not limited to sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS).”

A source close to the family addressed the allegations by revealing to People Magazine that Kim would never let her baby  sleep in that setup.

A source close to the family revealed that Kim never lets baby Psalm sleep in that position. (Image source: Instagram:Kim Kardashian)

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The source admitted, “It was a split-second, staged photo. As a mother of four, she very much knows how to keep her newborn safe in the crib. Again, it was staged for a photo.”

The picture of Psalm West has since been deleted from Kardashian’s Instagram, but is still present Twitter.

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