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Emma Stone addresses her lack of social media and her anxieties about turning 30 in a new interview with Jennifer Lawrence

by Asfa Shakeel

Emma Stone addressed her anxiety and how her life is changing as she approaches 30, in a new interview done by Jennifer Lawrence.

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone sat down for an interview with Jennifer Lawrence. (Image source: Instagram/Elle Magazine)

Emma Stone

Actress Jennifer Lawrence poses in the press room at the 20th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. (Source: Getty Images)

Stone sat down for an interview by Jennifer Lawrence, featured on Elle. Stone said she is thankful to have found acting. As an extremely sensitive person who suffers from anxiety, she can now convince herself that the extreme feelings she has are serving some purpose. She also attempted to explain her anxiety, saying she thinks it is a combination of her natural self and her experiences in life.

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Addressing her anxiety, she said, “I think your wiring is just kind of what you are. My mom always says that I was born with my nerves outside of my body. But I’m lucky for the anxiety, because it also makes me high-energy.

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She said that as she approaches 30, she has had to actively reevaluate her life and move into adulthood mentally.

She said, “My twenties were a really interesting time, and there’s been a lot that has happened in these past 10 years, both positive and not as positive. It’s weird how much turning 30 crystallizes your life. Instead of just living the dreams that I had in my youth and getting to do the job that I love to do and making friends and going through all of that, it’s like, Now what do I actively want as an adult?

She also said that approaching this adult age has made her realize the value of friends, saying, “I think friendship is pretty much everything. Here’s another turning-30 thing I’ve realized: You pick your family. You realize that your friendships, the people who go with you into these next phases of your life— you’re choosing your family.

Emma Stone

She said she has realized you can pick your friends as she turns 30. (Image source: Instagram/Elle Magazine)

Stone, who does not have a big presence on social media, said she does not feel comfortable being that public and that it would not be good for her. She explained, “I think it wouldn’t be a positive thing for me. If people can handle that sort of output and input in the social media sphere, power to them.

Despite not having social media, she said she still feels the weight of public criticism, although she has now learned to let it roll off her back, saying, “What I wear, how I look. I struggled a couple of years ago with feeling like how I looked was being scrutinized, and then I realized that anything that really bothers me that people could comment on is something I’m already worried about.”

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“So it’s not really something that I’m overthinking right now. But in a different period, if I was feeling bad about something, it would bother me much more to hear people talking about it,” she added.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone attends the HFPA’s banquet at the Four Seasons Hotel on August 4, 2016 in Beverly Hills. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

She also addressed the role that had the biggest impact on her as a person, saying, “I loved doing Paper Man. It was about 10 years ago. That was an intense time in my life. I had just turned 20. All these pieces fit together, and it was a really impactful time.

She further talked about how that was a good time in her life, and how later on, with her parents’ divorce and her career taking off, she had to shift around a lot to get comfortable in her life.

Stone is now starring in The Favorite Movie, which releases on November 23, 2018.

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