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Justin Bieber blamed for underpayment by choreographer, Emma Portner
Justin Bieber was held accountable for underpayment by his choreographer, Emma Portner. She claimed that the singer should not be "degrading women".

Emma Portner accuses Justin Bieber for “degrading women” after he gets into a feud with Taylor Swift.

Justin Bieber

(Image source: Instagram/Justin Bieber)

Emma Portner, a choreographer, worked with Bieber during his Purpose World Tour in 2016. The dancer is married to Ellen Page. Portner slammed Bieber for not paying her enough and that she barely had anything to eat during the tour.

On Monday, 1st July, Portner came forward with the issue. Recently, after the Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun feud, Bieber criticized Swift for allegations against his manager Scooter Braun.

Hence, Emma Portner reported the incident on her Instagram story which has now been deleted. She accused Bieber of degrading women.


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Emma Portner

(Image source: Instagram/ Emma Portner)

She wrote,” [Justin Bieber] I regret working with you. I gave your universe my naive body, creativity, time and effort. Twice. For content that you made millions off of. While I made zilch. Natta. Barely anything. Less than minimum wage for the hours I invested. I couldn’t afford to eat.”

She continued “I was sweeping studio floors to be able to practice my craft. The way you degrade women is an abomination. You continue to collaborate with overly problematic people.”

Emma Portner accuses Justin Bieber

(Image source: Instagram/ Emma Portner)

In the end, she said, ” You have immense power. Use it to stop degrading women. We should all be checking on you and Chris Brown because you both need to be held accountable.”

Emma Portner condemns the singer for being anti-LGBTQ

Emma Portner and Ellen Page

(Image source: Instagram/ Emma Portner)

She also targeted the Hillsong Church, which Bieber visits often. The 24-year-old wrote, “You religiously go to a church that does not support the LGBTQ+ community. Your company hired an out lesbian in your music video, and to choreograph some content for your purpose world tour. How do you feel about that? A lesbian helping you for a disrespectful amount of money, as you attend a church that goes against my existence.”

Portner added, “I can only hope for your enlightenment. That you read a ton of books. I will gladly purchase and send you some books that will change the way your traumatized brain works.”

Emma Portner and Ellen Page are married

(Image source: Instagram/ Emma Portner)

However, The Hillsong Church also gave a statement regarding the criticism. They said, “Hillsong Church does not preach against anyone or any group, we are not anti-anyone. We are an inclusive Christian church that loves, values and welcomes all people regardless of their background, ethnicity, beliefs, values or personal identity. We are also a church that adheres to mainstream biblical values shared by the overwhelming majority of evangelical Christian churches around the world and millions of Christians across the USA.”

However, Justin has not responded yet.

Justin Bieber criticizes Taylor Swift

Recently Taylor Swift posted on her Tumblr blog about how Scooter Braun had bulled her in the past and now owns all of her albums. Taylor was unable to own her music because of a deal between Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Label and Scooter Braun of Ithaca Holdings. Swift claimed that while she was working with Big Machine Label she had no idea that the buyer of her masters will be Scooter.

The transaction was made with the help of the Carlyle group according to the Wall Street Journal.

Taylor Swift

(Image source: Instagram/ Taylor Swift)

However, Justin Bieber shared a post on his Instagram where he criticized Swift for calling Scooter a bully after all he had done for her. Bieber said she had “crossed a line” as he stood up for his manager who found Justin in Canada and made him a star.

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Scooter’s wife Yael Cohen also lashed out at Swift for accusing Scooter although he believed in her so much. She told Swift to control her fans and to tell them not to come after her family and bully them.

Justin bieber defends Scooter Braun

(Image source: Instagram/ Justin Bieber)

However, many stars backed up Taylor Swift as well. Cara Delevingne replied to Justin’s post and told him to “lift women up”. Katy Perry also signed a petition to re-release Taylor’s 6 albums. Selena Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefey, supported Taylor Swift as well.

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Taylor Swift releases her next album “Lovers” on August 23rd.


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