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Eddie Murphy and girlfriend Paige Butcher are expecting their second child together

by Asfa

Eddie Murphy is about to become a father for the 10th time; his girlfriend Paige Butcher is expecting their second child together.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher are pregnant for the second time, with his tenth and her second child. (Image source: Twitter)

A representative of the 57-year-old Murphy confirmed the news in a statement to People, saying “Eddie Murphy and longtime girlfriend Paige Butcher are pleased to announce that they are expecting their second child in December.

This announcement comes after Butcher has been seen with a visible baby bump.

Murphy and Butcher have been dating since 2012 but have kept their life private for the most part. Butcher told Vanity Fair, “I’m in a relationship with a celebrity, so I felt like there’s already enough of me out there. I felt like I was giving out too much information. I was giving people too much access. I like to keep as much private as possible now.”

Eddie Murphy

The couple are very private about their lives and do not have any socal media. (Image source: Instagram/Jinx)

Butcher is a celebrity in her own right, having done some modeling and appeared in Something’s Gotta Give and Big Momma’s House 2. She deleted all of her social media once she got together with Murphy.

The couple already have a daughter together, Izzy Oona Murphy, who was born in 2016. She was Butcher’s first child. Meanwhile, Murphy has many kids from previous marriages: Bria, Shayne, Zola, Bella and Miles with Nicole Mitchell Murphy, son Eric with Paulette McNeely, son Christian with Tamara Hood, and daughter Angel with former Spice Girl Melanie Brown.

Eddie Murphy

Murphy has nine kids already from his previous relationships. (Image source: Instagram/Nicole Murphy)

He has six daughters and three sons. (Image source: Instagram/Jinx)

The couple have not yet announced whether they are expecting a boy or a girl.

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