Constance Wu is not happy after 'Fresh off the Boat' renewal
Constance Wu is upset after 'Fresh off the Boat' renewal. She expressed her outburst on Twitter.

Constance Wu is upset after ‘Fresh off the Boat’ renewal. She expressed her outburst on Twitter.

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ABC has announced the renewal of the comedy series Fresh off the Boat and the star of the show, Constance Wu is not happy about it.

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After the announcement, she tweeted, “So upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh. F***.”

She further wrote, “F***ing hell.” To which, a fan replied, “Congrats on your renewal! Great news.”

The 37-year-old replied, “No, It’s not.” However, this comment has been deleted. According to TVLine, after ABC announced the renewal on Instagram, the Crazy Rich Asians star also commented “Dislike” on the post. However, she also removed this comment.

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To clarify her stance, Constance Wu tweeted, “That was not a rampage, it was just how I normally talk. I say fuck a lot. I love the word. Y’all are making a lot of assumptions about what I was saying. And no, it’s not what it’s about. No it’s not..what this is all about. Stop assuming.”

She tweeted further, “Todays tweets were on the heels of rough day&were ill timed w/the news of the show. Plz know, Im so grateful for FOTB renewal. I love the cast&crew. Im proud to be a part of it. For all the fans support, thank u & for all who support my casual use of the word f***-thank u too.”

(Image Source: Instagram/ freshofftheboatabc)

Fresh off the Boat has been renewed for season 6.


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