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Fans pick apart a photo of Chrissy Teigen’s children, Miles and Luna, taking a bath together

Teigen told fans not to have 'issues' with the photo, so they naturally had a LOT of issues!

by Asfa

Fans picked apart a picture of Chrissy Teigen’s children bathing together after the mom put out a disclaimer for those that find the picture weird. 

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen posted photos of her children bathing together. (Image source: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen)

Yesterday, Teigen posted two pictures of her children Miles and Luna taking a bath. In the first picture, 2-year-old Luna is in the sink and her 4-month-old brother rests in a plastic bucket with someone supporting his head.

In the other picture, Luna carefully cradles her brother in a full sink, helping him take a bath.

Chrissy Teigen

The kids are bathing in the sink and in a plastic bucket. (Image source: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen)

Teigen captioned the first photo:

“*heart explodes* and heads up, if you have some weird issue with this, you’re weird.”

She captioned the second, “baby bucket”.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

Image source: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

Despite her warning to fans and followers to not pick apart the photo of her children, the comment section still had a range of issues. Most fans chose to be funny in the issues they had.

“I have a HUGE issue with the staples in the back of Elmo’s head. WHO HURT HIM?” one person wrote, with Teigen replying, “oh my god he’s a monster I didn’t notice.”

“Yeah I have an issue… how big is that sink!?!” another one wrote.

“BABIES!! DOING BABY THINGS!! OUTRAGE! SO WEIRD! UGH! HUMAN NI***ES!” another one sarcastically wrote.

“The only problem I have with this is your sink is about as big as my bathtub,” yet another said.

Chrissy Teigen

Teigen with her two children. (Image source: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen)

“I have a major problem with this……… it’s giving me baby fever, and I’m not ready,” wrote one.

Yet another one said, “Um… I have an issue with the copper faucet… I want one! Lmao… These babies are ADORABLE. This is LIFE.”

Another one pointed out, “I have an issue with the saving of water, that’s all I noticed.”

Yet another wrote, “The only thing I have issues with is the creepy red doll on the side of the tub.”

“My biggest issue is that you have a sink large enough to fit two bathing babes – so jelly; my back aches from bathing two in a tub,” another one shared her personal experience.

“The only issue I have is that it looks like the water is going to overflow and the faucet is still on…,” another one pointed out.

Chrissy Teigen

She is very vocal about the realities of breastfeeding. (Image source: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen)

“My biggest issue with this is that they aren’t looking up and smiling lol. BEAUTIFUL PIC, another said.

Despite the majority of sweet comments, there were a few that had issues with the photo regardless.

One follower wrote, “nobody puts a baby in a bucket.”

Another said, “You could have taken the leaves out of the bucket.”

Yet another said, “Guess you don’t care about all the perverts out there who get off on looking at pics like this. Can’t bathing your babies remain PRIVATE.”

Chrissy Teigen

Luna pictured with little brother Miles when he was just born. (Image source: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen)

Teigen shares Luna and Miles with John Legend.

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