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Catherine Zeta-Jones shares photos of her son, Dylan Douglas
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are probably two of the most perfect specimens of the human species so of course their son Dylan Douglas had to be as well. The nearly 18-year-old is all grown up, attending his high school prom and then off to college. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are probably two of the most perfect specimens of the human species. So, of course, their son Dylan Douglas had to be gorgeous as well. The nearly 18-year-old is all grown up, attending his high school prom and is soon off to college, according to Zeta-Jones’ latest Instagram post.

Dylan Douglas, all grown up. (Image source: Instagram/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

Dylan on the day of his prom with mom and dad. (Image source: Instagram/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

Dylan is almost 18-years old now. (Image source: Instagram/Dylan Douglas)

Catherine Zeta-Jones recently posted photos of Dylan from the day of his high school prom. She captioned the images, “Prom Proud! Graduation around the corner! So proud of you Dylan, college bound! Love you so,” followed by heart emojis.

Dylan, who will be turning 18 in August, is Catherine and Michael’s eldest child together. He looks like a perfect amalgamation between the two, rocking his perfect hair and pearly-white teeth.

Dylan seen singing with his band. (Image source: Instagram/Dylan Douglas)

Dylan playing the guitar. (Image source: Instagram/Dylan Douglas)

Dylan dancing with mother, Catherine Zeta-Jones. (Image source: Instagram/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

The handsome couple have been married since 2000 and have two children together, Dylan and Carys. Going by the posts on Dylan’s Instagram profile, he likes to sing and play the guitar. Last year, Catherine Zeta-Jones posted an adorable montage for her then 17-year-old on his birthday. It included several clips of Dylan dancing, singing and jamming away on his guitar.


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The family of four looks very close-knit. (Image source: Instagram/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

The little siblings sure have grown up. (Image source: Instagram/Dylan Douglas)

The Douglas family takes vacations together. (Image source: Instagram/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

Dylan’s birthday montage contained images of him as a young boy. (Image source: Instagram/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

Catherine with Dylan, as a baby. (Image source: Instagram/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

A few days earlier, Carys also paid tribute to her brother in her own special way by posting an image on Instagram. She captioned it, “partner in crime since ’03”. The siblings are sitting on a flight of stairs in the photo, and look like they are both under the age of 8 at the time it was taken.

Carys posted this photo of her brother and herself on Instagram. (Image source: Instagram/Carys Douglas)

Last year, in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Catherine spoke about her children’s interest in showbiz. She said “You know, I know it’s going to be hard for them, because they’ve got their grandfather, Kirk, they’ve got me, they have Michael, but they so inherently love it and they’re good!” 

Catherine and Michael have been married for almost 18 years. (Image source: Instagram/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

Kirk Douglas

Dylan Douglas kissing his grandfather Kirk Douglas. (Image source: Instagram/Dylan Douglas)

Dylan and Carys as toddlers. (Image source: Instagram/Dylan Douglas)

Zeta-Jones also added that her kids attend summer camp every year where they participate in several musicals and plays. She said they ‘love it’ and are well aware of the hardships in the industry. She said, “They know the percentages of who makes it and who doesn’t, so I just think that they’ve got the talent and I know that they have the drive.”

The siblings share a close bond. (Image source: Instagram/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

The Douglas Family. (Image source: Instagram/Catherine Zeta-Jones)

The Douglas family recently had a new addition when Michael Douglas’ eldest son, from his previous marriage, had a baby girl. Cameron Douglas and his girlfriend Viviane named their little one Lua Izzy.

Michael, Dylan and Carys with Cameron Douglas and his girlfriend. (Image source: Instagram/Cameron Morrell Douglas)

Fans can’t wait to see Dylan and Carys enter the film or music industry and are rooting for their success. If they follow in the footsteps of their parents, they would surely have a bright future ahead!


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