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Foundation in honor of late Disney star Cameron Boyce launched by family
Foundation in honor of late Disney actor Cameron Boyce,20, launched by his family. The foundation is set to help young people by providing creative outlets.

Foundation in honor of late Disney actor Cameron Boyce launched by his family. It aims to provide young people with creative outlets.

Thirst project

(Image source: Instagram/ Cameron Boyce)

The Disney star passed away at the age of 20. Boyce was found dead on 6th July after having a seizure in his sleep due to epilepsy.  Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner announced his death under “preliminary information suggests the death occurred under natural circumstances.”

The Coroner also stated that “the final cause and manner of death will be determined at a later date.”

photo shoot

(Image source: Instagram/ Cameron Boyce)

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The Cameron Boyce Foundation states on its website that the foundation, “provides young people artistic and creative outlets as alternatives to violence and negativity and uses resources and philanthropy for positive change in the world. The Foundation was established in 2019 to honor Cameron’s legacy.”

The website also uses a memorable line highlighted from Boyce’s acceptance speech for the Pioneering Spirit Award in 2018. “What you leave should be bigger than you.”


Cameron Boyce

(Image source: Instagram/ Cameron Boyce)

In May, Boyce shared details about his passion in his final interview with Haute Living.

 He said, “There’s a long line of difference makers in my family. I’m following in the footsteps of some really strong men and women who have showed me what it means to give back; It’s the greatest way to fulfill yourself.”

“Every time I talk to someone who shares that similar passion, we talk about how there aren’t many feelings more euphoric,” Boyce further continued. “Changing someone else’s life positively changes yours for the better as well.”

Cameron Boyce's last picture

(Image source: Instagram/ Thevictorboyce)

When asked about how he inspires other people to “give back”, the late Descendants actor replied, “Many people have the heart to give back, but a lot don’t know how to.”

“I try to be the bridge for those people– whether that means getting them involved in one of my campaigns or inspiring them by showing them a blueprint of how to get others engaged,” he added.

He also gave advice to aspiring individuals. “Fail and fail and fail until you don’t fail. That’s the cycle. You’ll fail until you don’t, and then you’ll restart the process over again.”

Cameron's sister

(Image source: Instagram/ Cameron Boyce)

Before Boyce’s tragic death, he was working on a social media campaign. The campaign was dedicated to helping fight against the rising issue of gun violence.

A representative provided PEOPLE with Boyce’s work. He had written, “I’ve named the concept Wielding Peace. It will be a collection of images that feature people from all walks of life (celebrities, victims of gun violence, common supporters) wielding ‘guns.’”

In addition, he wrote, “The catch is, the ‘guns’ that we’re using as props will be items that signify unity and peace.”


(Image source: Instagram / Cameron Boyce)

Moreover, the 20-year-old had explained, “Household items such as musical instruments, cameras, food, sporting equipment, beauty products, articles of clothing… anything that might inspire someone creatively as well as make a strong statement with the sentiment that we need to choose a different weapon.”

Cameron Boyce

(Image source: Instagram/ Ben Cope)

Cameron also participated in raising awareness regarding the global water crisis with a non-profit organization, Thirst Project. According to TV show Good Morning America, he had raised an amount of $30,000 for two wells placed in Swaziland.

In 2018, Boyce received the ‘Pioneering Spirit Award’.

Cameron Boyce

(Image source: Instagram/ Ben Cope)

The Foundation is accepting donations.


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