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Marina Joyce FOUND after being missing for 9 days

by Asfa

British YouTuber Marina Joyce has been FOUND afeter being missing for 9 whole days. Her disappearance has been filled with conspiracy theories.

marina joyce found
(Image source: Instagram/ Marina Joyce)

Marina Joyce has been found

The charity Missing People revealed that Joyce has gotten in touch. They tweeted, “We had appealed for help to locate Marina Joyce, 22, reported #missing from #Haringey – she has been located & is safe and well. Thanks for your RTs.”

The 22 year old YouTuber was last seen in her home town of Haringey 9 days ago. She last uploaded a video to her YouTube channel on June 21. A caption promised that there would be another video the following week, but it never happened. During her disappearance, fans and media searched desperately for clues.

The appeal into her disappearance has now been closed. The YouTuber has not yet herself faced fans to convince them that she is okay.

British YouTuber Marina Joyce
(Image source: Instagram/ Marina Joyce)

“Everything is being dealt with”

Her boyfriend, Brandon Mehmed, posted on social media after her disappearance. He wrote that Joyce “is safe and well”.

He also wrote, “Everything is being dealt with in a professional manner. Please don’t worry about her as she is safe and well (you have my word for that).”

british marina joyce
(Image source: Instagram/ Marina Joyce)

2016 panic

Back in 2016, Joyce uploaded a video trying on different dresses. She appeared distressed during the clip. She also appeared to mouth the words ‘help me’.

The video resulted in the hashtage #SaveMarinaJoyce being shared over 3 million times. Joyce then took to Twitter to write that she was “TOTALLY fine.”

She also told viewers in a future video, “I simply don’t want you to believe any of the conspiracy theories because none of them are true.” She told fans that at the time of the video, she had simply been experience  “one of the most horrible times of (her) life”.

marina joyce missing 9 days
(Image source: Instagram/ Marina Joyce)

You can read all about Joyce’s disappearance here.

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