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Brandon and Leah Jenner announce they are getting a divorce after six years of marriage

The couple wed in 2012

by Asfa

After six years of marriage, Brandon and Leah Jenner have called it quits and announced that they are divorcing. The couple share a daughter together.

Brandon and Leah Jenner

Brandon and Leah Jenner are getting a divorce. (Image source: Instagram/Brandon Jenner)

Brandon is the oldest son of Linda Thompson and Caitlyn Jenner. Leah is the daughter of Eagles guitarist Don Felder. The couple got married in May 2012 and welcomed their first child, daughter Eva James Jenner, in July 2015.

They appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians many times, which is the TV show of their former step siblings. They announced the news of their split on Instagram.

Brandon and Leah Jenner

The couple share a daughter together. (Image source: Instagram/Brandon Jenner)

The statement read:

Hi Everybody, It is with love in our hearts that we feel it’s time to share some personal news with you all. After celebrating fourteen beautiful years together, we have lovingly come to the decision to end the romantic aspect of our relationship. We are deeply proud of the life we’ve cultivated together and are truly grateful for the bond of friendship we hold and cherish today. It is stronger than ever. Even though we have chosen to separate as a couple, we still love one another very, very much and remain a major part of each other’s lives—as best friends, family and loving parents to our daughter.”

The statement made sure to express that the split was not due to unfaithful behavior, saying, “There has been no lying or cheating or fighting that prompted this change, just an expansion of our individual evolution which has inspired us to support each other in a new way. We are still very much a loving family and are bonded by a deep connection that is rooted in love.

The couple also asked for privacy and respect in this difficult time, saying, “Here we openly share our truth with you all and, respectfully, we won’t be commenting further so anything that might state the contrary of this message would, undoubtedly, be a fabrication. Thank you for your love and support and big love back to you guys! Brandon and Leah.”

Brandon and Leah Jenner

Brandon and Leah Jenner announced their split on Instagram. (Image source: Instagram/Brandon Jenner)

For their fifth wedding anniversary last year, Brandon wrote a sweet note for Leah on his Instagram, saying:

5 years ago today, I married my soul mate.  Leah, thank you for being the friend, wife and partner of my dreams.  Living this life with you at my side gives me comfort and security as well as the freedom to pursue my own ambitions and to embrace my own challenges.  As we both strive to become a better parent, and more enlightened individually, we have witnessed our eternal bond grow deeper with each day.  With all of the beauty and hope that this world has to offer, I know, without any doubt, the best thing I have going for myself, is you.”

Brandon and Leah Jenner

They have been known to be very affectionate towards each other on Instagram. (Image source: Instagram/Brandon Jenner)

Members of Brandon and Leah’s families have not yet commented on news of the split.

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