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Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram post has left ‘Poolverine’ fans in hysterics over Blake Lively’s trolling comment

by Myra E.

Blake Lively is back to trolling her husband, Ryan Reynolds, on social media. On the Deadpool star’s Instagram post featuring his long-time crush Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine, Lively made a hilarious comment that has left fans in fits.

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However, forget the celebs; there’s an adorable photo-bomber in the picture getting more attention than all three stars combined.

Jackman and Reynolds, pictured at Laughing Man Coffee. (Image source: Instagram/Ryan Reynolds)

Image source: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds and Jackman’s on-going bromance is the stuff of fairytales and fantasies. The two have been loving and hating on each other on social media, on screen, and in real life for as long as we can recall.

Reynolds recently uploaded a photo with Jackman at his coffee shop, Laughing Man Coffee, with a self-deprecating caption. He wrote, “Ran into this guy at his coffee shop, @laughingmancoffee. And by “ran into” I mean I followed him there.”

Lively was quick to post a snarky comment on her husband’s post, saying, “Is the extra distance between you supposed to convince me that you DONT love him more than me?? Nice try.”

Blake comment left people in laughing fits. (Image source: Instagram/Ryan Reynolds)

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman arrive at the screening 20th Century Fox’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in Los Angeles, California. (Image source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Lively’s comment received a lot of love and laughs from fans, praising her trolling abilities. While some users identified with her as a girlfriend/partner, others were straight out rolling on the floor laughing.

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Blake Lively

Blake Lively recently attended the Deadpool 2 premiere, wearing a Deadpool inspired dress. She often trolls her husband on social media. (Image source: Twitter/ Marie Claire)

Many users on Twitter pointed out and subsequently gave a lot of love to the photo-bomber peeking out from behind Hugh Jackman. The guy reminded many of how they would act, if in the presence of the two stupendous actors.

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Jackman also uploaded a photo from the same day, with a funny caption. He wrote, “We put word out that @laughingmancoffee is looking for a new barista….and, @vancityreynolds shows up? #makeeverycupcount”

Jackman posted a photo from the same day as well. (Image source: Instagram/Hugh Jackman)

Reynolds was also featured on the official Instagram account for Laughing Man Coffee.(Image source: Laughing Man Coffee)

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman arrive for the Los Angeles industry screening of “X-Men Origins-Wolverine” in Hollywood, California (Image source: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

Deadpool and Wolverine, termed ‘Poolverine’ by fans, always cause excitement when photographed together. Many social media users called on the two to star in a movie together and make their dreams come true.

Fans will have to wait for a movie version of the bromance. Till, then they can enjoy the social media love that these two regularly throw at each other.

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