Curran defends herself

Curran has reportedly received death threats over the incident. She deleted her Instagram account and also addressed Beyoncé’s fan base on Thursday. She assured them she meant no harm.
According to The Shade Room she commented on a picture, “Listen Beehive, “I respect Queen B and I love her! I talked to her husband twice tonight. First, to take a drink order for them both when they arrived as they were our guests. Second, to explain why I gave his wife a rose from a fan. All of this has been taken out of context. I am a happily married woman. Telling me to kill myself?????? Somehow I don’t think she would support this.”

In addition, she posted a picture of herself in which she appears to be fixing the “Formation” artist’s hair. “We should all help and support each other,” she captioned the shot.Curran also opened up about the hate she has received during an interview with ESPN. “I’ve never experienced cyber bullying like this. I can’t believe our players go through this. That kids go through this.”
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