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Drunk fan crashes Beyonce and Jay Z’s last performance at the Atlanta concert; the pair jokingly acknowledges the crasher

by Saman Zahid

Over the weekend, the legendary duo Jay Z and Beyonce performed together to a packed audience at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. While they were performing in Atlanta on Saturday evening, a man rushed to the stage to crash their performance.

The duo performed again to a packed audience on Sunday, where Beyoncé poked fun at the man who rushed on the stage during her last performance.

beyonce and jay z concert

Beyoncé made light of the stage-crashing incident, and thanked the audience for being great. (Image source: Instagram/Beyonce)

Their concert on Saturday had come to an abrupt end due to the man who jumped on stage while Jay Z and Beyoncé were in the midst of singing their last song for the evening, ‘Apes–it’.

On their concert on Sunday, the duo performed with the same electrifying enthusiasm, and thankfully, the ending note was far more comforting than the previous day.

After finishing their enlivened performance to a packed audience on Sunday on their second ATL show this weekend, the duo acknowledged the events which had occurred on their last concert; Beyoncé jokingly looked back at the audience as they walked away from stage.

Beyoncé’s gesture poked fun at the unfortunate stage-crash that had happened during their performance at the Mercedes-Benz stadium a night earlier, as she looked back at the audience to make sure no one had jumped on the stage this time, too, and to acknowledge that there were no similar shenanigans at this concert.

beyonce and jay z concert

Beyoncé and Jay Z performed to a packed audience in Atlanta over the weekend (Image source: Instagram/vettyboop79)

Beyoncé made light of the escapade that she and the pop-icon, Jay Z, were at the receiving end of on Saturday evening. On Sunday evening, she kept her fans amused and entertained, by checking if everyone was alright on stage before walking off it. The Single Ladies pop-icon also expressed how thankful she was to the audience for coming, and proclaimed her love for her fans.

In videos that circulated on social media post the concert, the Flawless star was seen voicing her gratitude for her fans. “Give it up for yourselves for being a beautiful audience,” she expressed. “God bless you guys. Drive home safe.”

beyonce and jay z concert

Beyonce and and Jay Z perform on stage during a Get Out The Vote concert in 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Duane Prokop/Getty Images)

The man who jumped on the stage only managed to get jumped in by Jay Z and Beyoncé later. His attempt backfired against him, as he was caught by the security promptly. He was later identified as Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell, 26. He rushed to the stage in the midst of the final performance to make contact with the Holy Grail singer, Jay Z. This incident has rendered Anthony accountable for charges related to battery.

The crash left the back up performers and dancers stunned and startled. The security at the event addressed the incident as fast as they could. They rushed to the stage to protect the couple, and their dancers. A spokesperson for The Atlanta Police Department who identified the man, reported the event to higher authorities shortly after.

“As the Jay-Z and Beyonce concert was ending late Saturday night, a man later identified as Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell (age 26) ran onto the stage and approached Jay-Z,” the spokesperson said.

beyonce and jay z concert

“Give it up for yourselves for being a beautiful audience,” Beyoncé expressed. (Image source: Instagram/Beyonce)

“He was quickly stopped by people who were with the performer. Atlanta Police arrived and issued the man a citation for disorderly conduct and released him,” he continued. “At the time, there was no evidence Maxwell had made contact with Jay-Z,” the spokesperson added.

“Upon later investigation, officers were able to gather evidence showing Maxwell had, in fact, made contact with Jay-Z…Maxwell was treated for minor injuries on scene sustained when people around Jay-Z stopped him from further contact with the performer. No one else was injured as a result of this incident.”

“Beyonce and JAY-Z on stage tonight in Atlanta. Thank you to all the fans for your concern. They are fine and looking forward to the show tomorrow. (Image source: Instagram)

Later on Sunday, Beyoncé’s publicist took to Instagram to assure her fans that the couple was unharmed, and thanked them for their support.

She wrote, “Thank you to all the fans for your concern. They are fine and looking forward to the show tomorrow.”

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